Is the 'Blood Moon Revival' Beginning?

Author Ron Allen says the blood moons are signs of revival, not calamity.
Author Ron Allen says the blood moons are signs of revival not calamity. (Reuters)

Upending the predominant interpretation of the blood moons phenomenon, author Ron Allen says the 15 tetrads of blood moons since the book of Exodus haven't marked apocalyptic calamity but rather a "sign of special revival coming to His people."

Allen, author of The Mystery of the Blood Moons and The Stars of His Coming, says the last four blood moons on the Jewish feast day of Passover and Tabernacles marked the beginning of the charismatic renewal movement.

"I went back and researched the last 14 tetrads of blood moons," Allen told Dr. Steve Greene, the publisher and executive vice president of Charisma Media and host of the Charisma Podcast Network's "Charisma Connection" program. "The last one occurred in 1967-68. The charismatic renewal began in 1967, and there are now more than 600 million charismatic Christians who came out of that revival. The blood moon was a sign of revival."

In his books, the businessman, accountant and founder of The International Star Bible Society argues that the previous 14 blood moon tetrads have all occurred in troubled times and have coincided with spiritual awakening and significant breakthroughs in God's ultimate plan for humanity.

Psalm 19:1-2 says, "The heavens declare the glory of God," "utters speech" and "declares knowledge." The apostle Paul states that Psalm 19 reveals the message of Jesus Christ (Rom. 10:17-18). Based on these and other verses, Allen wrote the "heavens somehow sent forth the story of Christ."

"Returning to Psalm 19, a clue is provided when the sun is compared to a 'bridegroom coming out of his chamber' or a 'champion rejoicing to run his course' (Ps. 19:5)," Allen wrote in The Mystery of the Blood Moons. "The story of Christ in the heavens is told as the sun moves through its path in the stars and the constellations, known as the zodiac. Other clues come from Scripture which shows that God named the stars (Ps. 147:4; Is. 40:26) and gathered them into constellations (Job 38:32). By understanding the meanings of the star names and constellations, the story of Christ in the heavens can be told."

The story goes all the way back to the Garden of Eden when God told Adam and Eve that a deliverer, the offspring of the woman (Christ), would crush the head of the serpent (Satan) and be bruised in the heel (the cross) (Gen. 3:15). Allen argues the constellations of the zodiac tell the story from the time of the promised seed of the woman, or Virgo (the virgin), to Christ ruling over all, or Leo (the lion).

Further, the seven moving bodies, visible to the naked eye, are also part of the "message of the heavens." Genesis 1:14 says God made the sun, moon and stars to serve as "signs to mark sacred times, and days and years."

"Psalm 19 says God put His message in the heavens," Allen says. "The heavens declare the glory of God and the stars were named by God and the constellations were established by God. The stars and constellations tell the story of Jesus. It's as if we live on the floor of a great cathedral and overhead every night pass the pictures, just like in a cathedral in Europe, the pictures of God's plan for humanity, from the very beginning to the end."

As archeologists excavated sites in ancient Babylon, or modern-day Iraq, in the 1800s, they discovered that the Babylonians had a great deal of knowledge about astronomy and astrology and knew that these "star names tell the story of Jesus."

"Astrology is part of a false religion that was actually developed by Nimrod way back at in the Tower of Babel days," Allen says. "Satan was the worship leader in heaven. The stars shows Satan's ultimate defeat. The (fifth) sign of the zodiac is Leo the lion, the Lion of Judah. Underneath Leo is the picture of a snake that is cut into pieces. That's the fate of Satan and his followers. Leo tells the story of Jesus returning everything back to the way it should be in the universe."

Throughout history, Allen says tetrads of blood moons, such as the ones in 2014-15 that drew worldwide media interest, have signaled the "overcoming of sin and the accuser of the brethren."

"In Joel, who was quoted by Peter, on the Day of Pentecost, the Scripture says that before the Day of the Lord, which is the second coming of Jesus, there will be some things that happen," Allen says. "It says there will be an outpouring of the Holy Spirit. It says everyone who calls on the name of the Lord will be saved, and it says there will signs in the heavens, which includes eclipses of the sun, the sun turning dark and the moon is covered in blood. The blood covering of the moon is a sign that accompanies the outpouring of the Holy Spirit and salvation."

In his research for the book, Allen discovered that 15 tetrads of blood moons have occurred over the past 3,500 years and each was marked either by revival or a significant event that propelled God's plan for humanity forward.

"It means God is getting ready to do something," Allen says. "The blood moons don't determine things. It's a sign from God that something is happening."

For instance, a blood moon occurred in 5 B.C. on Passover.

"There was a blood moon on that night and the moon was in the feet of the constellation Virgo," Allen says. "Also, in 5 B.C., the Chinese observed the Star of Bethlehem and these things all happened just about the time Jesus was born. So these were actually signs of the birth of Jesus.

"Now the birth of Jesus started something. Thirty-four years later, Jesus died on the cross and he said, 'It is finished.' So a blood moon is a sign of something starting like baby Jesus. Jesus started small, but when He grew up, the kingdom of darkness shook. The charismatic revival started small with just a few people, but when it got going, the whole world shook."

Similarly, Allen believes the blood moons in 2014-15 are also a sign that are "enormously significant" and the beginning of a great move of God.

"I think the most significant event that occurred in 2014 was a video that Pope Francis sent to Kenneth Copeland," Allen says. "Pope Francis was asked by a ministry friend of ours to prepare a greeting for Kenneth Copeland, but he prepared a video, off the cuff, telling the world as well as Kenneth Copeland and all the pastors there, that it was time for us to be brothers and to worship together, to love one another and to come together.

"Now, we aren't talking about coming together governmentally and not even doctrinally. There are doctrines people have that we are not going to agree with, but we're brothers. If you're in Christ and I'm in Christ, then we're united in Christ. When the pope sent this video to Copeland, Copeland responded and a number of other pastors, evangelical charismatic pastors, have responded. There is a growing movement of Christian unity, united based on Christ, being united in Christ. I believe it is the start of a great revival, which I'm praying will match the charismatic revival of 1967."

Instead of the end of human history as some have argued the blood moons were signs of, Allen says the world has entered the "age of the harvest."

"This is the best time to be alive," Allen says. "God is adding to the church through huge revivals. There are huge revivals going on. In 1949 in China, there were 1 million Christians, and they said, 'They are all going to be killed.' Today, there are 130 million Christians in China, and they put us to shame because they are so on fire for the Lord. God is moving all over the earth and we need to be a part of that."

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