Ukraine Sees 'Explosion of the Holy Spirit' With Miraculous Healing Breakouts

"I see an explosion of the Holy Spirit among Jews in the land of Israel and throughout the world."
"I see an explosion of the Holy Spirit among Jews in the land of Israel and throughout the world." (Flickr/Creative Commons)

Sid Roth, host of It's Supernatural!, believes the world is "coming into a new move of God's Spirit on planet Earth" amid fulfillment of the biblical mystery known as the "fullness of the Gentiles."  

Roth says he came to this conclusion following a recent evangelistic meeting in Odessa, Ukraine, where more than 99 percent of roughly 1,000 unsaved Jews made professions of faith.

Roth told Charisma News he's never seen so many miracles happen in such a short period of time—with at least half of the attendees reporting they were "instantly healed."

Explaining the incident captured on video, Roth says he believes "God is in a hurry to get Jews saved!" In a nation experiencing civil war, Roth says he felt "an open heaven."  

"Something happened in Odessa that has never happened in my life," says Roth, who has spent nearly four decades investigating the miraculous move of the Spirit throughout the world. "In fact, I've never heard of this outside of the days when Jesus walked in the flesh."

During the service, Roth says about half stood up and "publicly proclaimed they were physically healed."

"I've never seen anything like that in my meetings or any meetings," Roth says. "In my meetings, I see a couple of dozen people healed. I've never seen half the people get healed and now we're seeing more than 90 percent getting saved."

The event follows similar ones Roth held earlier this year in Jerusalem, where nearly all the unsaved Jewish people in attendance accepted Yeshua, or Jesus, as their Messiah.

Rabbi Jonathan Cahn, the New York Times bestselling author of The Harbinger and The Mystery of the Shemitah, says the end of the age cannot conclude until the "Jewish people return to their Messiah."

"We know Messiah Himself will not return until that happens," Cahn says. "So there must again be something on the scale of the book of Acts, and even greater, as the Scriptures prophesy that 'all Israel shall be saved.'

"The mystery is, Israel can never be completed without the Church, and the Church can never be completed without Israel. The two must become one again, as they were in the beginning of the age. We are beginning to see this happen."

At these events, Roth speaks on the topic of the supernatural. The American-born Jew takes the stage and begins to speak "words of knowledge" about healings taking place. Afterward, many in the auditorium stand to confirm that they have been healed of pain in their back, neck or other parts of their body. At one event last year, about 525 of 550 people stood up to proclaim Yeshua as their Lord. At another event, Roth says more than 90 percent of the 650 people in attendance stood to proclaim their faith in Yeshua.

The outreach meetings are sponsored by a team of local pastors. One of the first pastors Roth met in Odessa was a Jewish believer with Jews for Jesus. He got saved by reading the Russian version of Roth's Jewish evangelistic book, They Thought For Themselves.

"Jews are wired to have intimacy with God," Roth wrote in his newsletter. "Romans 10:2 says we 'have a zeal for God, but not according to knowledge.' The Bible also says we have spiritual blindness. But praise God, that blindness is now lifted! Since few Christians will share the gospel with us and we have a built-in zeal for the supernatural, we are like sheep going to the slaughter.

"That's why so many Jews are stampeding into the New Age and the occult. The highest percentage of leaders and participants in these cults are Jews. Even though the Torah specifically condemns these practices and calls them an abomination (Deut. 18:9-11), our rabbis do not warn us of the dangers. In fact, Jewish mysticism (called kabbalah) has now merged with Hinduism and is embraced by many Jewish people, especially in Hollywood."

This fascination with the supernatural is a key to Roth's outreaches. At the events, Roth prays for nonbelieving Jews to "walk in the same power I operate in, which is the baptism of the Holy Spirit." After teaching them about meditating on the promises of the Bible, Roth explains how to be filled with the Spirit and the value of speaking in tongues.

"Right from the start, they got to witness 'normal' Christianity—normal as defined by the Bible," Roth wrote in his newsletter. "They saw 50 percent of the people at the first meeting instantly healed. They saw over 99 percent of 1,000 unsaved Jews make professions of faith. By the way, there was a high percentage of amazing miracles in the second meeting also, including a deaf boy getting healed."

Roth believes the end of what the Bible calls the "times of the Gentiles" is underway and a new era is beginning in which God is lifting the veil of spiritual blindness off the Jewish people who are becoming increasingly open to the idea of Yeshua as the Messiah. A 2014 Pew Research Center report found 34 percent of American Jews say believing Yeshua is the Messiah is compatable with being Jewish.

"I believe we are absolutely at the (conclusion) of the 'fullness of the Gentiles' age," Roth says. "I believe all these prophets I've interviewed that see a lot of things happening are correct, but I see a lot of good about to happen too. I see an explosion of the Holy Spirit among Jews in the land of Israel and throughout the world.

"I see Jews getting radically saved and coming into the body of the Messiah and forming what Paul calls the 'one new man.' The two will spark one another. The Gentile believers have the maturity and training and the brand new Jewish believers have the zeal and fire."

As this awakening begins, Roth says he believes the types of miraculous events that took place in the Bible will once again occur on earth.

"I believe we're at a whole new point," Roth says. "If I have a message for anyone, it's 'don't look at what's happened previously and just be normal'—normal as it's defined in the Bible. I believe we're coming into a new move of God's Spirit on planet Earth. I believe we're looking at the greatest awakening the world has ever seen."

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