We Are Living in Times Prophets of Old Longed to See

For the first time in nearly 2,000 years, there's an indigenous Israeli Body of Messiah.
For the first time in nearly 2,000 years, there's an indigenous Israeli Body of Messiah. (Reuters)

Biblical historians say Luke is one of the few non-Jewish authors of the Bible, with both the Old and New Testaments almost exclusively written by Jews.

In his Gospel, Luke writes about the life of Yeshua (Jesus), and in the book of Acts, we learn how his disciples fared after His ascension.

When God chooses Jeremiah, He tells him He's watching over His Word to perform it (Jer. 1:12).

It certainly appears His plan is moving right along.

To better understand today's headlines, the biblical prophets are a good place to start. After all, Jeremiah lived in politically turbulent times, especially for the Jews.  

Today, the Jewish people are returning to their biblical homeland. Since the late 1800s, there's been a steady stream of returnees. On May 14, 1948, Israel officially became the modern nation-state of the Jewish people.

Aliyah—immigration to Israel—is increasing again, partly because of rising anti-Semitism, but also because Diaspora Jews are beginning to realize if they're not in Israel, they're in exile. They are returning to the place where a lot of promises to them as a people will be fulfilled. And they're wonderful promises!

For the first time in nearly 2,000 years, there's an indigenous Israeli Body of Messiah.

Estimated at about 15,000 and growing, it's part of this regathering. And its diversity reflects Israeli society as a whole.

Set in a Jewish Context 

While Luke may not have been a Hebrew, his writings mirror the Jewish context of God's plan of salvation for all mankind. Yeshua was born, lived and died a Jew.

You can't separate Israel's Messiah from Israel. Edith Schaffer was right. Christianity is Jewish
Yeshua said, "You worship what you do not know; we know what we worship, for salvation is of the Jews" (John 4:22).

So here's some very good news.

God is raising up an indigenous body in Israel. These young believers have grown up in a tough little country. They've served in the IDF, they're pursuing their education and careers, meeting their mates, getting married and starting families. These young people are PRAYers and DOers. Corporately and individually they're products of prayer. In short, they make our hearts smile.

Those with the gift of evangelism are sharing the Good News with Israelis who for the most part never heard it or heard it in a cultural context they couldn't relate to. The biblical comparison is Joseph's brothers not recognizing him because he looked like an Egyptian. In the end they find out he's their brother. So it will be when the Jewish people come to know their Jewish Messiah.

As latent anti-Semitism raises its ugly head yet again, God is raising up a generation of Israelis equipped to share the Good News with the Jewish people.

Prayer and More Prayer 

Now is the time to undergird the Israeli body in prayer. God is moving in Israel. It's very exciting and at the same time challenging to be here at this point in time.

The prophet Zechariah foretold that God will pour out a spirit of grace and supplication on Israel and simultaneously remove the veil that has prevented His covenant people from seeing the One they're awaiting for thousands of years. 

Jews will see they are not outside God's plan of salvation. In fact, the Bible states in more than one place, "to the Jew first and then the Greek." Israel as a nation will understand and it will bring us to national repentance and salvation. We will be saved as a people, as it is written, "all Israel will be saved."

And the world can hardly stand it. God's enemy, the prince of the power of the air, the one who walks about like a roaring lion seeking whom he may devour, whose only interest is to steal, kill and destroy, is more intent than ever to wipe out the Jewish people.

Iranian Nuclear Deal 

The U.S.-brokered Iranian nuclear deal is a prime example. Sadly, the Obama administration has been a tool in the enemy's hand to stir up anti-Semitism wherever it may be found. His vendetta against Israel and its prime minister is palpable. Many of the world's largest news agencies are simply pawns in the hands of "the prince of the power of the air."

There is nothing Elohei Yisrael, the God of Israel, doesn't know about. He is omniscient, omnipotent and allows what He allows for His purposes.

So while Israel and the Jewish people face increasingly difficult times, God is moving. Along with praying for the peace of Jerusalem, ask God to pour out His spirit on His people (Zech. 12:10):

"And I will pour out on the house of David and over those dwelling in Jerusalem a spirit of favor and supplication so that they look to Me, whom they have pierced through. And they will mourn over him as one mourns for an only child and weep bitterly over him as a firstborn."

End of End Days

It's coming. It's closer and closer. When all the nations of the world come up against Jerusalem, Yeshua Himself will save us.

It's time to dig into the Word of God more than ever. Ask God to open it up to you. Ask for your marching orders. Listen and obey.

These are exciting times, ones the prophets would like to have seen.

He is coming in the clouds! Two millennia ago Yeshua said He was coming quickly. A day is as a thousand years. It won't be long now.

He will save us! To Him be glory and dominion and power forever and ever! Amen.

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