Blogger Instructions - Charisma News Online: Website Widget (beta)

Adding The CNO widget to your blog is easy, just follow these instructions:

  1. On the Charisma News widget homepage use the configuration tool to get the widget code. I would suggest setting the widget width to "100%". Set this code aside, you'll use it in a minute.
  2. Go to your Blogger dashboard.
  3. Click the Layout link.
  4. Click any "Add a Gadget" link.
  5. Under the "Basics" group, find the "HTML/JavaScript" gadget and click the + button.
  6. Paste the Charisma News widget code into the Content field. You can leave the Title field blank if you'd like. Click Save.
  7. Back on the Layout page, move the gadget if it's not in the correct place and click the "Save arrangement" button.

You're done! If you need to change the widget code then go back to the Layout page (in Blogger) and click on the "Edit" link for the widget's Gadget box.

If there is anything unclear about these instructions or if you need further help, feel free to contact me.