Top of the Week: Bible Prophecy Is 'Essential' in Current Russia-Ukraine Climate, End-Times Experts Say

8:00AM 2/18/2022 Charisma News Staff
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Is our world on the brink of war? That seems to be the question on everyone's mind as news reports of the Russia-Ukraine tensions pour in. Pastor Jack Hibbs of Calvary Chapel Chino Hills, California, and Amir Tsarfati of Behold Israel agree that the world is moving to "a very dark place"—one that could explode into World War III. But the two agree on something even more important: In this hour, believers must pay more attention than ever to biblical prophecy.

Russia has planted seeds for the weakening of Europe and NATO for many years, Tsarfati says, adding that this situation goes back to the 1930s when Stalin was in power.

"We got first and last names of six witches that are in our church," says Pastor Greg Locke in a video clip from a Feb. 13 sermon that now has more than 1.2 million views. "And you know what's strange? Three of you are in this room right now."

The pastor of Global Vision Bible Church in Mt. Juliet, Tennessee, hit headlines recently for his "burning service" in which members torched books such as Harry Potter and the Twilight series, along with Ouija boards and other symbols of the occult. And now, his bold exposure of alleged witches within his own congregation has made national and international news.

'It Is No Longer a Guessing Game'; End-Times Alliances Are Forming

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The ever-restless drums of war are sounding ever more rapidly. Mankind's enduring addiction to violent conflict is sure to reach a crescendo as nuclear weapons in the hands of despots signal a certain ending to hopes for peace.

China's frenetic expansionism, the North Korean madness, Russia's return to forceful USSR-sized collectivism and wooing of Islamic acolytes such as its current military support of Kazakhstan's Moscow-educated strongman are but the beginning. Stir in the rebirth of Turkey's desire to re-establish its Ottoman glory days while adding huge gulps of Islamic suicidal deism and we begin to understand the depth of the threat.

Here's a word that will minister great peace to some. On the phone the other day, a dear minister friend of mine, older than I am with 40-plus years of ministry experience, said this: "The Lord called my wife and me to influence the two or three."

I believe he meant geographical places or cities. I have not been able to shake that word.

We've all been given different measures of grace to fulfill God's plan and purpose in this life. You can't be a general in the body of Christ just because you want to be. You can't have international influence just because you want to. You can't reach thousands or even millions of people because you dream of it. Forget that line of thinking, because it's not the Lord's wisdom.

When John Bevere became a household name and author of several bestselling books translated into over 90 languages at last count, it gave me something to shoot for. Boy, was I wrong! I don't have that kind of grace or that many talents. When I stopped making that a goal I entered a place of rest concerning my calling to write. Of course, I want more people to read my books, but my motive is to bless them with the message, not to build a following.

The Glorious Moment: Canadian Truckers Sing Martin Luther's Most Famous Hymn

Editor's Note: Click the links to read two more articles by Pastor Jim Garlow on the Canadian truckers, "When God Couldn't Find Enough Bold Pastors, He Called the Truckers," Part 1 and Part 2.

I have been making calls to persons on the front line of the Canadian truckers' event. Given that it is a cry for freedom, the movement was birthed from the heart of God. So long as the truckers can keep out persons from the outside with nefarious plans, this is a spiritual event.

One of those I called was Harold Jonker, co-owner of Jonker Trucking Company of Canada, who drove the first truck in the first convoy into Ottawa, Ontario, Canada.

Garlow Jonker

Jonker took my call, but he did not say a word because the group was busy praising the Lord. Without a single comment, he merely held the phone so I could hear what was happening.

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