From Teamless to Super Bowl-Bound: Bengals' Michael Thomas Shares His Story of Trusting God

6:30PM 2/12/2022 Billy Hallowell/CBN News

Bengals defensive back Michael Thomas has perhaps the most incredible overcomer story of all the players planning to hit the field on Super Bowl Sunday.

Just consider that Thomas didn't have a team when the season started—and now, just months later, he's playing with Cincinnati in the NFL's most important game of the year. Jason Romano, director of media at Sports Spectrum, an outlet covering the intersection of faith and sports, recounted Thomas' remarkable faith and football journey.

"Michael is an amazing individual," Romano recently told Faithwire. "He's a strong follower of Jesus."

Thomas' journey to the Bengals was certainly unconventional. He came into the league undrafted back in 2012 and journeyed throughout the NFL as a special teams player. As of last summer, Thomas was without a team.

Many players would be worried and panicked about the future, but Romano said Thomas patiently waited and relied on God.

"I talked to [Thomas] in the summertime ... and I asked him specifically about football, and he's like, 'Jason, I don't know. I don't know, but I trust God has a plan,'" Romano recounted. "He trusted in the Lord to direct his path to direct his steps like it says in Proverbs. And he's like, 'If this is the end of the road, this is the end of the road. I'll be OK with it. because God's plan is not one to argue with.'"

Sure enough, this is precisely what Thomas said on the Sports Spectrum Podcast.

"God's plans are far greater than ours, man ... I wasn't signed anywhere, but I wasn't stressing," Thomas said. "I knew God had a plan for me regardless of what that is, but I was very content and ready to transition if I needed to."

Watch Romano share this incredible story among others above or at this link.

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