WATCH: What Is 'The Chosen''s Approach to Scripture and Faith, and Can You Trust It?

12:00PM 12/23/2021 Shawn A. Akers

Since the airing of The Chosen's first episode on Christmas Eve in 2017, director Dallas Jenkins has been called a heretic and a blasphemer—among other more unflattering things—by critics in the media and by individuals on social media.

But then, Jenkins says, neither he nor his crew is seeking the approval of human beings but only the approval of God. And, he says, he and his crew are convinced that they are doing "the right thing for God" with each and every episode that is produced. They are convinced that they are staying true to Holy Scripture and not compromising the Word of God, despite the interpretation of many.

"This show is not a replacement for Scripture. We make that very clear up front," Jenkins says. "When we add historical content or backstory into the show, that changes nothing about the Bible itself. The Bible is the Bible, Scripture is Scripture. This show is about a Jewish man and his followers, so I'm going to stick to their stories and not try to impose my faith traditions over it.

"[Prior to the beginning of filming}, several of us went to Israel to research and prepare. God pressed very hard upon my heart as well as the others that this was one of the high callings of our lives. God made it very clear to me that I must take the responsibility to tell the story of His people with extreme care and dedication.

"I've been part of a conservative, Bible-believing background all my life. I was a Bible major in college. I believe the Bible is the inerrant word of God and that it needs no improvement. All of the consultants I've spoken with believe the same way.

"The show must speak for itself. You should absolutely judge the show and make sure it doesn't violate your conscience or contradict the character of Christ. If it passes the test and you love it, then stay focused on the content and not on the flawed people who made it, including me. I'm just a flawed man and filmmaker trying to tell God's story in a fresh way. And this show, like me, will be imperfect, which is why we're trying to avoid religious tradition and just focus on Jesus and making a great show.

Watch this rest of this video for more of Jenkins' explanation of his approach to The Chosen.

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