Prophetic Word From Jonathan Cahn: The Ominous Afghanistan Harbinger

1:30PM 10/11/2021 Jonathan Cahn

The first book I ever wrote was called The Harbinger. It revealed a prophetic mystery and warning to America of coming danger.

In the last days of ancient Israel, nine harbingers, or prophetic signs warning of coming judgment, appeared in the land.

The Harbinger reveals that those same nine prophetic signs have now appeared on American soil—some in New York City, some in Washington, D.C.—some involving objects, ceremonies, national leaders, even presidents of the United States.

When those nine harbingers appeared in ancient Israel, instead of returning to God, the nation responded with defiance and accelerated its fall and its war against His ways.

The nation was given a span of years to come back, but it went further and further away.

And then came the calamity of which the nine harbingers warned, judgment and destruction. The nation was wiped off the face of the earth.

What about America? Where is this all taking us?

The mystery I wrote about in The Harbinger hasn't stopped. It has continued manifesting—and right now, we're walking in the ominous footsteps of ancient Israel before its destruction.

In 2019 I had a strong sense that the following year 2020 would be one of great shaking. And it was because of that that I knew it was time to finally write the second part, the sequel—The Harbinger II—to reveal the next stage of the mystery. Two months after I began writing it, the shakings began—starting with the plague, COVID-19 that fell upon America and the world—and that was part of the mystery.

What I'm about to now open up comes out of those two books and goes beyond, because it hasn't stopped moving forward—even to this day—so there will be things here I've never put into writing.

The first of the nine harbingers is that of the Breach: a great shaking comes on the nation that had once known God but had fallen and turned against Him. The shaking comes in the form of a strike on the land—the nation's hedge of protection is breached—an enemy strikes the nation, and its buildings come crumbling down.

It was the first warning strike, a harbinger of national judgment and destruction that would come years later.

The strike came to ancient Israel in the year 732 B.C., and to America in 2001 on Sept. 11.

The second harbinger is the instrument through whom the shaking came. In the case of ancient Israel the attack was engineered not only by the nation's enemies, but by terrorists—the terrorists of the ancient world—the Assyrians. The Assyrians were the inventors of terrorism, the world's first terrorists and the fathers of all future terrorists.

So too 9/11 wasn't orchestrated merely by America's enemies—but by terrorists. The ancient terrorists were Middle Eastern. The terrorists of 9/11 were also Middle Eastern, coming from the same land as the ancient terrorists.

The ancient Assyrians carried out their attack speaking the language of Akkadian. Akkadian is extinct, but its sister language exists to this day. What language is that? Arabic. So 9/11 was carried out in the sister language of the ancient Assyrians.

The strike of the enemy on ancient Israel was a warning of judgment, a wake-up call to turn the nation back to God. Israel was then given a window of years to return to God, but it ignored the warning and instead of turning back became defiant and accelerated its apostasy.

And finally the judgment came: total destruction.

So the warning of The Harbinger is that without repentance and revival, America will follow the footsteps of ancient Israel—and its fall from God will accelerate.

What The Harbinger foretold is coming to pass. We are following the mystery of Israel's last days. Since 9/11, America's fall from God has only accelerated.

So what lies ahead?

What happened to ancient Israel?

At first it seemed as if the nation was coming back, resurging. After the attack it vowed to undo the strike that had traumatized it—and to come back stronger than before.

So too, after 9/11, America vowed to undo the strike that had traumatized it.

It struck back at the terrorists—and most dramatically, it invaded Afghanistan, the land from which 9/11 began. It drove out the Taliban, which had enabled the attack. And American leaders boasted of winning the war on terror.

For ancient Israel, it appeared for years that the Assyrians, who had struck the land, were held at bay.

But in 722 B.C., it was all undone. The terrorists, the Assyrians, returned—not to bring a strike on the land but to destroy it, to wipe it out of existence.

There's a chapter in The Harbinger called "The Isaiah 9:10 Effect," which says this: The nation's attempt to undo the judgment that fell upon it—apart from returning to God—will be undone, reversed and will backfire—will bring calamity.

So the harbinger of America's judgment would be that the nation's victory against the terrorists of 9/11—its invasion of Afghanistan, its war against the Taliban and al-Qaida—would be undone, would be reversed and would bring calamity.

If that took place—it would be an ominous sign of coming judgment.

So for years I've watched to see if America's victory against the terrorists in Afghanistan would be undone—if the Taliban would come back—and with it al-Qaida and the agents of terror.

And now—as I write this—it's come to pass. The sign has appeared—as The Harbinger said it would. The Taliban, responsible for enabling 9/11, has now taken back Afghanistan, as the American army has retreated and Americans have fled— according to the mystery—the harbinger—the warning of judgment.

And now Afghanistan threatens to become again a haven for terrorists and terrorism. But the sign is not only about the Taliban and Afghanistan; 9/11 began in Afghanistan but was carried by the al-Qaida. So could al-Qaida be part of all this?

The answer is yes, despite what some leaders have said, al-Qaida is right now in Afghanistan with the Taliban. In fact, al-Qaida helped train and fight and orchestrate the Taliban's retaking of Afghanistan and America's defeat. They're back in the land. And as they did with 9/11, they're plotting destruction. And not only is al-Qaida in Afghanistan, but a newer terror threat is as well: Isis.

And the days are now more dangerous for America and the world—bordering Afghanistan is Pakistan, with over a hundred nuclear warheads. Also bordering Afghanistan is Iran, now on the verge of gaining nuclear military capability and not averse to supplying terrorists with nuclear weapons.

And the gates are being opened not only for the Afghani victims to find refuge—but also for terrorists to enter the West and America.

What will happen to this nation? After the first warning strike came upon ancient Israel, the nation began heading to disintegration and destruction.

Since 9/11 America has been heading toward the same—disintegration and destruction.

And the sign that brought judgment to ancient Israel—the return and victory of the terrorists—has now appeared.

A Biblical Mystery

Afghanistan has been called the graveyard of emperors.

It was the Soviet Union's defeat and retreat from Afghanistan that began its collapse.

Now America has retreated in defeat.

But I want to show you a biblical mystery.

After the warning strike came on ancient Israel in the form of an enemy attack, a strike of terror, instead of turning back to God, the nation turned away from Him and began warring against His ways—its fall from God and to judgment accelerated.

After 9/11 the same thing has taken place in America. We are not just falling— we're warring against God and His ways. We're following the exact footsteps of the ancient mystery. That mystery says shakings will come upon the land.

In The Harbinger, I wrote, several years ago, as to how they would come upon America—I said they would come through division, through disorder, through economic disintegration, through military defeat, through man-made and natural calamities, through decline and fall.

It's happening.

But I also wrote of the time period. In the case of ancient Jerusalem, the warning strike came in 605 B.C., but the greater shakings began in 586 B.C. That's 19 years—a 19-year mystery

When did 9/11 come? In 2001. So what is the 19th year—and would it be a year of shakings? The 19th year is 2020. So 2020 was the year when the greater shakings began.

One of the shakings that the prophet Jeremiah foretold would come upon the land in the 19th year was that of a plague—or a pestilence—or a disease—an epidemic —–a pandemic. The plague has come—and it came 19 years after the strike. I open this up in The Harbinger II.

But there's more. In ancient Israel, 19 years after the enemy strike, everything begins to be undone—reversed.

Nineteen years after 9/11 is the year 2020, but we can go to an even more precise date. Nineteen years exactly brings us to Sept. 11, 2020.

When did the loss of Afghanistan—the undoing of America's war—the return of the terrorists begin?

It began when the American secretary of state arrived in Qatar to begin talks with the Taliban to allow for their return to Afghanistan and the departure of American troops.

It all began that day. What day was it?

It was Sept. 11, 2020—19 years to the exact day—the exact day of the biblical marker linked to judgment.

The next day, Sept. 12, marked the first day since that milestone. And that was the day that the talks began that would lead to the calamity we have witnessed—and the undoing of America's resurgence and the return of the terrorists.

And when was it that President Biden vowed to complete the retreat of America from Afghanistan ? He gave his deadline as Sept. 11, the end of the time period that marked the 19 years.

When you see this happen, you are witnessing a harbinger of coming judgment —a coming judgment that threatens to be much greater than the first.

Is there any hope for America?

The only hope America has is revival.

Without revival—America is gone. So we must pray for revival as never before.

And not just pray—but choose revival—to live in revival.

And revival begins with repentance.

Whatever has to change in our lives—we have to begin that change now.

And we have to be stronger than ever to stand for God and His ways.

Against the darkness—and for the Light.

And we must stand as watchmen—sounding a warning and proclaiming the gospel of salvation to all who will hear.

There will be more in the days ahead.

A Special Announcement

I've only made such videos as these at certain times—spaced far apart.

But we are now living in critical, dangerous and prophetic times, and I've been asked to share more—to prepare, to warn, to strengthen, to shed light, to give revelation and to encourage the people of God.

So in future days I will seek do that—maybe even sharing a word each day.

If you don't want to miss that when it happens, make sure to press "subscribe" and check out the links at the end of the video, which you can watch above or at this link.

Until next time—be strong in the Lord, and He will be strong in you.


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