Mario Murillo: 'This Is the Dawn of a Movement'

10:00AM 10/8/2021 Mario Murillo

Editor's Note: We're including the following video from Mario Murillo Ministries to give you a glimpse of what he writes about in his report on the crusade below. Watch it here or at this link:

First, the headlines:

— Over 3,500 People Engulf the Tent.

— As Many Outside as Inside.

— 500 Came to Christ.

— Churches Vow to Carry the Fire.

The Enduring Flames of God

if you ask anyone who was there, "Will the flames and fire of God die down after this week?" they will give you a strange stare. Then suggest to them that what has happened over these past four nights is not real, and they will burst out laughing.

Go ahead and ask them to define these past four days. You will not hear them call this just a "a good crusade." They will not tell you these were "wonderful services." No, they will say with firm conviction, "This is the dawn of a movement!"

Then suggest to them that what has happened over these past four nights is not real, and they will burst out laughing.

This group of people—who now number in the thousands—have seen too much. They know this was the most challenging start to any crusade. To begin with, the tent went up in a city that is known for rejecting these kinds of events; this is the blue state of New York!

Next, the rain came down for days. None of the locals can remember this many people braving this kind of rain to attend a tent meeting. God took this city back for Himself through the hunger of thousands of people—a hunger that none of them even knew existed.

God began ruining the people for regular life and regular religion—first, by startling healings. Who can forget that moment when the word came forth:

"Would you please stand? You are in excruciating pain in your back, shoulder blades, hips and ribs. You were in a car accident, right?"

"Yes, I was. My car rolled over four times. My pain has been extreme for 15 years. But now it is totally gone!"

The woman then proceeded to jump straight up and down. The power of God was so intense that she began to violently wave her arms, bending down and finally running in place.

'Astonishing Harvest of Souls'

However, it was the astonishing harvest of souls that pushed these people past the point of no return.

They believed that a bright future was impossible for those living in this region, but then at least 500 souls came to Jesus. It was not just the quantity that hit them—it was the intensity of conversions. They witnessed open weeping and deep remorse for sin.

God had done too much for these people for them to now return to business as usual. They absolutely refuse to let go of what God has given them. This is not the end of a crusade—it is the dawn of a movement that will now spread across America!

Glory to God!

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