TBN Anchor Asks, 'Is the Bible Next for the Cancel Culture Agenda?'

12:00PM 7/19/2021 Shawn A. Akers

Is the Bible the next Christian staple to put in the crosshairs of the leftist agenda's cancel culture?

Erick Stakelbeck, who recently came on board as a news anchor for TBN's brand-new news division, recently told Charisma News' Jeff Struss it very well could be a target very soon.

Stakelbeck anchored a special on Watchman TV on TBN recently called The Rise of Cancel Culture, where Stakelbeck explored this incredible phenomenon in our society with media celebrities, politicians, pastors and television celebrities.

"They have come for Dr. Seuss and they are banning him, so is the Bible that far off?" Stakelbeck asks. "Think about it. The Bible is the most politically incorrect book in history, and things contained in God's Word are not exactly music to the ears of the progressive left. There is a clash there.

"This is a culture clash between Judeo-Christian values, between the Word of God and between what is being espoused by the radical, secular progressive left," he adds. "We talked to Dennis Prayer of PragerU, Phil Robertson of Duck Dynasty, who does not bite his tongue; to Ben Carson, the former HUD secretary. So we had an all-star cast.

"We also had several pastors, including Andy Arquez of Atlanta," Stakelbeck says. "His family is from Cuba, and he has firsthand experience under the Castro regime. Can this country become a totalitarian society? You'd better believe it. It begins with words, and that's what we're seeing right now in this country."

Stakelbeck says many people are "running scared" in this country, including those in the pulpit. He warns that we cannot compromise the Word of God and must stand boldly for what we believe in.

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Shawn A. Akers is a content development editor for Charisma Media.

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