How Crowder Went From Trashing Embarrassing Music to 20 Years of Reaching Next Generation for Christ

12:00PM 6/30/2021 Nadia Joy Schult

When David Crowder heard instructions from the Lord to make music that would glorify Him some 20 years ago, his wife promptly threw the new albums in the trash.

He had recorded a live session at the church he attended in Waco, Texas, and he tells Jeff Struss on a recent Charisma News video update that he thought "it was the best music that's ever been made on planet Earth."

Thankfully, God brought new inspiration to Crowder since that day, sealing his musical career in the early 2000s Christian artist scene.

His newest release, Milk and Honey, explores many of the themes people struggled with during last year's COVID-19 quarantine season. Crowder sees it as a way for faith communities to build the bridge to better communication and communion with the secular culture.

"I'm just taking [what] I think what we're supposed to do—as creators with the fingerprint of the Creator on us—to take the elements that we're given and organize them in a way that is beautiful and reflects the one who has made us," Crowder says of the new album.

Struss asks if Crowder feels "a holy responsibility to keep innovating and keep being creative?"

"We're all called to carry the story of God in a way that is very compelling," Crowder says. "There's the obligation, I feel like to reflect what it means to be alive as a human in relationship to the divine."

The whole story, Crowder says, is focused on one theme: "How do we get back into communion with our maker?"

Watch the full interview here for more on why Crowder believes COVID-19 gave followers of Christ the "easiest moment in history" to tell the world about Him and how the cross-pollination of Christian music is helping to make that happen.

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