Are You Still Confused About the Israeli-Hamas Conflict?

5:00PM 5/26/2021 Steve Rees

While fueling his vehicle at a gas station near Abu Ghosh, Israel, Calev Myers was shook by a huge explosion. Turning around to observe what he thought was construction activity, Myers instead saw pillars of smoke rising into the air as sirens blared and people ran for cover.

Over the next few days Myers, president and executive chairman of the Alliance to Reinforce Israel's Security and Economy (ARISE), observed a barrage of missiles over Tel Aviv and even in his own neighborhood. The display reminded him of the Star Spangled Banner's stanza, "And the rocket's red glare, the bombs bursting in air."

"It was like something from a Star Wars movie; literally, just hundreds of explosions as these rockets are being fired at us from the Gaza Strip," Myers said. "This is a very serious situation," Myers said, speaking of the 11 day period of civil unrest in Israel.

"Unfortunately, some of our Jewish citizens forget that there are Arab Israelis who really have nothing to do with Hamas, and have nothing to do with the current violence that's perpetrated against Israel, and they've been angrily demonstrating against their Arab neighbors.

"It's a very serious situation both with being attacked externally from Hamas in Gaza, then also with the civil unrest within Israel," Myers said.

As a lawyer living in Israel, Myers defends both Jews and Palestinians and prays for peace. He possesses a solid understanding of the conflict, which cultivated over a 70-year period: beginning in 1948 when Israel was reborn as the Jewish state.

Amid the missiles soaring overhead, blaring air-raid sirens, Israel's Iron Dome intercepting rockets, Myers recorded a video to thank supporters for the prayers and, as he often does, provides context for the conflict. Anybody who desires a better understanding of the conflict is invited to watch, Myers said.

"There is some hope I would say," Myers said. "Within Israel, I can tell you as a resident of the Judean Hills, I received an invitation to a solidarity rally in which our Arab Israeli neighbors from Abu Ghosh intend to do a rally together with the Jewish communities in this area.

The rally is intended "to say that we are standing together as Jewish Israeli Arabs against the inter-ethnic and inter-religious violence, and we want to live together in peaceful coexistence. So there is another voice coming out in the Israeli society today, which gives a ray of hope," Myers said.

Asking for prayer, Myers said, "I know that many of you do pray for Jerusalem because we're instructed in the Psalms, in the Scriptures, to pray for the peace of Jerusalem. I so much appreciate your prayers and your support," Myers said.

"We're thankful for that. We're thankful that He who keeps Israel will not slumber or sleep. Thank you for tracking and praying for us," Myers concluded.

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