Thousands Saved, Touched With Wonder-Working Gospel Power in South Asia Crusade

5:00PM 4/26/2021 Nadia Joy Schult

"The light shines in darkness, but the darkness has not overcome it" (John 1:5).

Evangelist Caleb Wampler spoke these words over a gathering of tens of thousands in South Asia this weekend.

With nothing more appealing than stopping lost souls being saved by the Word, the enemy waged strong spiritual warfare against Wampler and his Kingdom Encounters International team until the moment they stepped to the stage to preach.

Wampler's team of three had their visas denied four times.

Their fundraising goal was short $30,000 just one week before departure.

The location of the crusade was changed three times due to riots and political unrest in the area.

COVID restrictions and a freak storm the night before the crusade made the grounds where the crusade was to be held difficult to prepare.

Even still, the hungry souls of those longing for life-saving relationship with Jesus showed up. When police came to shut the event down due to the overwhelming number of attendees, the church showed up.

A member of the KEI ministry team told Charisma News of a harrowing story in which five men allowed themselves to be arrested so the police who came to shut the event down would be pacified. They were imprisoned so everyone else could stay to encounter Jesus.

Because of their bravery, and the undying belief that lives can be changed in a moment of surrender to God, miracles were witnessed and healings abounded. Watch the full recap from Kingdom Encounters International and be encouraged that the power of the Holy Spirit is moving all across the globe.

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