Kirk Cameron Stirs Up Revival in America, Urges Return to Faith Foundation

12:00PM 3/11/2021 Nadia Joy Schult

The fire crackles, its sparks spinning into the dimming night sky.

Outspoken evangelist Kirk Cameron uses a blowtorch to stoke the lacking fire. But the wood's not the only thing burning during the "American Campfire Revival" episodes he's hosted daily for the last 50 days. Through riveting discussion on biblical values in America, or the lack thereof, Cameron has encouraged Americans to stir up revival fire in their hearts to enact change in their spheres of influence.

"We've had times where we've gotten away from the biblical principles and the ideals of our Constitution and we have suffered. Choose to sin, choose to suffer," he says on his most recent Facebook live video.

But not all hope is lost, he says. "The path of obedience is always the path of blessing and hope, and that's what we want to do. We want to get back on that path."

Getting back on the path of obedience, Cameron says, starts with us, but trickles down to the next generation.

"Don't give what belongs to God to anyone else," he warns. "Don't give your morals away to a godless culture. Don't sacrifice your children to a media that doesn't have their best interest in mind."

To return to the faith foundation our nation was built upon, we must surrender ourselves not to governing authorities, but to the ultimate authority.

"God owns you and me, all of our work, all of our everything. And it's in understanding that, that you and I become free. And we're able to use all of these things to bring heaven to earth," Cameron passionately encourages.

"Protect your morals, protect your thoughts, protect your heart and your passions and your convictions, your faith, your kids, their minds, their freedom," he continues. "Protect it. Defend it. The first step in you and I doing that is having the mindset of Christ, the way of thinking not according to this world but the way of God."

For more information on "American Campfire Revival," click here.

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