'We've Got to Sound the Alarm': 'Flashpoint' Shares Shocking News About Attack on Religious Freedom

12:00PM 2/27/2021 Charisma News Staff

In a special report, Flashpoint on the Victory Channel is featuring Charisma founder and CEO Stephen Strang, attorney Keisha Russell of First Liberty Institute and evangelist and prophetic minister Mario Murillo discussing the Feb. 25 passage by the House of President Joe Biden's Equality Act.

The video details the many ways this act is set to tear down biblical family values. The opening narrative cites Sarah Kramer of the Alliance Defending Freedom, who says the act encourages the suppression of religious freedom: "Essentially, the Equality Act gives people of faith an ultimatum: Change your faith-based practices or face government punishment."

Russell shares a story of an Illinois high school senior whom she successfully defended against the school's attempt to force her to take its sexuality and gender course despite her request for a religious accommodation. "Under the Equality Act, it wouldn't matter," Russell says.

Strang expresses his deep concern for the direction of America, noting that President Trump undoubtedly would have vetoed the Equality Act. "This has been going on for a long, long time, step by step by step. These people have an agenda," he says, adding that part of that agenda is to stifle the church.

"The church is really the only thing that stands between them and doing anything they want," Strang says. "One of our greatest rights is the freedom of religion, and this just tramples on it," adding that "We've got to sound the alarm. This has got to be stopped in the Senate."

Prophetic minister Mario Murillo also adds his thoughts, echoing Strang's call for the church to mobilize. "What will it take?" he asks listeners. "What do you need to hear? We must galvanize."

For more on the dangers to religious liberty sure to come with the Equality Act, watch the entire video here, and be sure to listen to this episode of the Strang Report podcast in which Stephen Strang details his concern for the future of our nation.

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