Why You Shouldn't Give Up on the Next Generation After All

6:00PM 1/29/2021 Samantha Carpenter

Elizabeth Finnegan, a 2021 graduating fellow of The Institute for Faith and Freedom at Grove City College, hopes to be a catalyst for change within her generation.

Finnegan is one of 12 fellows at The Institute for Faith and Freedom, which exists because "a love for truth and a love for liberty" are "inseparable allies." Further, the mission of Faith and Freedom recognizes "the relationship between God's truth and our freedom is not merely an academic exercise, but a vital privilege of Christian stewardship." As a result, these fellows are outstanding GCC students chosen to assist scholars with research, writing, marketing and administrative duties

Grove City College, located in Pennsylvania, hasn't received any federal government support since the mid-1980s—a decision made to protect the biblical integrity of the institution after the Grove City College v. Bell Supreme Court case. What sets The Institute for Faith and Freedom at Grove City College apart from other higher education institutions is its approach to accomplishing its quest to create "a learning community to connect, educate and empower people" —a belief that:

— God is sovereign.

— Man is made in His image.

— The Bible is indispensable to understanding the truth about our relationship to God, to our world and to each other.

These core values elicit hope for God's plans regarding the younger generations: "Despite rising secularism, moral relativism and a host of other concerning realities, there is hope for cultural renewal." Finnegan is passionate about entrepreneurship and desires to use the knowledge, skills and network acquired during her fellowship to become a voice of truth and a positive influence among her peers.

In an interview with Faith and Freedom, Finnegan says, "I think what I really want to do is use those skills that I've learned within entrepreneurship with innovation to rethink how people view conservatism and the conservative movement in our nation." Finnegan understands that Millennials and Gen Zers are "buying into the leftist narrative that socialism would work and that leftist ideologies would actually be better for the nation."

Socialism isn't the answer. Neither is cancel culture or "wokeism." The answer for America can only be found in Jesus Christ. And He isn't just the way to truth, but He is the truth. This generation must look where the Spirit of the Lord is because that is where freedom is found.

"Faith, freedom and virtue define a flourishing nation, and we must do everything we can to advance them in the next generation of this nation's leaders," the institute believes.

To learn more about Finnegan, watch this short interview with Faith and Freedom. Visit faithandfreedom.com to learn more about its mission and existing programs.

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