Republican Women Take Lead in GOP House Seats

6:00PM 1/5/2021

Republicans performed strongly in the 2020 elections, with conservative women candidates leading the charge. Through their valiant efforts, the women have positioned the GOP to take back the House from Speaker Nancy Pelosi, D- Calif.

Republicans flipped 14 House seats with mostly urban and suburban women taking 10 seats with newly retired Rep. Susan Brooks, R-Ind., encouraging these newly elected officials.

"More and more conservative women wanted to raise their hand and say 'groups like AOC and the Squad do not represent my views. I need to step up and put my conservative views and how I have contributed to my community forward. I need to make sure that the electorate has another choice,'" Brooks told CBN News.

The GOP has infamously been labeled in the past as the party of "old while men." But the recent developments in the election reveal the true nature of the party: beautifully diverse.

In the wake of Congresswoman Brooks' retirement, a Republican candidate will take her place in a fitting succession.

To learn more about how the succession will impact the Republican party, watch the full video from our content partners at CBN News here.

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