Giuliani Pleads for Elected Officials to Uphold the Constitution at Georgia Senate Judiciary Hearing

12:00PM 12/31/2020 Janenne Irene Pung

As the Tuesday, Jan. 5, runoff for two Senate seats nears, people from all over the country are traveling to Georgia to encourage elected officials and voters to support Republican candidates—from the senators to President Donald J. Trump—in defense of American democracy.

While addressing the Georgia Senate Judiciary Hearing Wednesday, Rudy Giuliani, counsel for President Trump, shared an impassioned speech. After reviewing the many ways in which voter fraud has been documented, he said:

Our Founding Fathers, miraculously, probably envisioned everything that would happen to us. They even envisioned this. A disputed election. Cheating. Stealing. And they made a choice. They made a choice of where to put the responsibility in a difficult situation like that. Article I, Section II of the Constitution puts that responsibility right here, in the legislatures of the several states.

This is a question of courage.

Do you have the courage to stand up to the obligation the Constitution of the United States put on you to save our people from fraud, to save the reputation of the state of Georgia?

Giuliani reminded everyone in the room that history is being made. They can certify a fraudulent election or take a stand for the future of America.

Watch the 2:32 video here.

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