Redefining Life-Changing Christianity in the Age of Gen Z

12:00PM 11/18/2020

Faith leaders of varying ages, backgrounds and worldviews gathered for the 2020 Q&A: A Virtual Townhall last week: an event specifically targeted to create unity between generations, especially in the church, and to offer answers and solutions to frequently asked questions.

Among those featured in the virtual forum were author Annie F. Downs, Tennessee college professor Lee Camp, Pastor Mika Edmondson, Sadie Robertson Huff and author and speaker Christine Caine.

The topics ranged from how the church is responding to the COVID-19 crises to how the younger generations are engaging (or not engaging) in their faith.

Christine Caine and Sadie Robertson Huff both shared poignant messages regarding the faith life of Gen Z.

"I've sat in a room with church leaders who I love and adore," Sadie Robertson Huff said. "But there are times where I've even heard them say things like, 'Maybe we shouldn't do a conference at night because that is the night that college kids like to party.' And I'm like, 'That's why we should do a conference that night, because people are going to party if we expect too little,'" The Christian Post reported.

Robertson Huff joined Christian author Gabe Lyons, Gabrielle Odom and author Grant Skeldon to discuss the ever-increasing importance of reaching and inspiring the younger generation.

CBN News reported that Robertson Huff brought attention to her relationship with social media and the effects she's seen it have on the younger generations especially. She said social media has created a space where "we're always performing; we're always filtering, we're always trying to be the best version of ourselves—and not in a good way."

"And that is mentally exhausting," she added.

For those struggling with comparison or with building a brand the world likes to see but have fallen into that state of mental exhaustion, Caine's message on building a solid foundation in the Word and in the secret place with the Lord offers Spirit-filled encouragement.

Catch a short clip of her talk on the difference between marketing yourself and being marked by the Holy Spirit from the Q Ideas Instagram page here.

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