WATCH: Kent Christmas' 2020 Prophetic Word

3:00PM 10/8/2020

Pastor Kent Christmas of Regeneration Church in Nashville has caused a stir with his 2020 prophecies released at the start of the year. He recently garnered the attention of the charismatic community after he shared a portion of them at "The Return" last month.

The word from the Lord, he says, touches on topics such as a harvest in the church that will not look like any past harvests and the pulling down of the strongholds of abortion, homosexuality and drug companies.

The Lord told Christmas He was going to raise up a generation of young people so on fire for the Lord that they would bring forth the greatest outpouring of the Spirit the world has seen.

As the world sits in a tumultuous election year, amid the coronavirus and racial tension of the highest form, faith communities look to their leaders to bring fresh revelation. Remember 1 Corinthians 14:29 and 1 John 4:1 and watch the full video of Christmas' prophecies here to make your own judgments.

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