New Documentary Highlights Miracles, Dreams, Visions Breaking Out in Middle East

3:00PM 5/23/2020 MAPS Global

All people know about the Middle East, especially in America, is whatever the news is telling them. It's all bad news: war, famine, geopolitical crisis, ethnic hostility, radical Islam, terrorism. What people don't realize is that God is doing something magnificent across the entire region.

Aaron Stone was a pastor's kid born and raised in the church. His favorite part growing up was always the stories, and the traveling missionaries had the best ones. They were the most exciting because they were happening in the world now. They were epic and mythical; it was easy to remember them. The very miracles that made these stories so memorable for him as a kid made him suspicious of them as an adult. They're always told third hand rarely with specific names, dates, or locations. Where was the video proof?

A couple of years ago, Aaron met R.A. Martinez who would travel to the Middle East and come back with incredible stories about miracles, dreams, and visions. These were his specific stories about people who were hostile to God coming to faith in Jesus. R.A. Martinez's stories have combated everything Aaron had ever seen on the news about the Middle East. When it came to the Middle East, it always seemed to be bad news, but R.A. Martinez kept insisting that there was an honest to God revival happening all across the region in underground houses of prayer.

All of this was happening just a few flights away. Aaron asked R.A. Martinez if he could go along on his next trip to the Middle East and catch some of this on film to prove that there's more to the story than what the news is showing. Follow Aaron and his friend and cameraman Stephen as they meet people with miracles stories, see the underground prayer movement, and film the revival happening in the Middle East.

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