Pastor: Get Ready to See Miracles, Healings Amid COVID-19

4:00PM 3/20/2020

Pastor James Levesque says that now that the world has changed over this COVID-19 coronavirus, we can get ready for a miraculous move of God. But we have to remember to stay in the Word and prayer.

"This is an invitation into a life of the supernatural," Levesque says. "You are being given an invitation to a life of miracles. That's why you're here right now. And in days like this and times like this, it's this. I'm telling you, this is greatness. This is what it looks like when God begins to move. What if I told you God is going to answer all the prayers that you've ever believed? What if I told you we are on the doorstep of another Great Awakening?

"'Well, Pastor James, COVID-19 could be breaking out all over the city. What is the plan?'

"Open the Bible! That's the plan. What do you mean, 'What's the plan?' You only want to know what the plan is when you get rattled and rocked. The plan hasn't changed. He has given us all power and authority over every sickness, disease, demon and every pit in hell. The plan hasn't changed. What has changed is our level of surrendering."

On the other side of this worldwide crisis, many people will come out stronger, Levesque says on the Engaging Heaven Today podcast on the Charisma Podcast Network.

"We are about to see a showdown of epic proportions," Levesque says. "A great, mighty harvest is going to come into the kingdom, but you'd better be ready. ... Today, realize that all these things are by design, and that God is going to answer prayer through it, and you are going to come out stronger, greater. [There will be] more miracles than we've ever seen in our life. This is the greatest day to be alive. Stand your ground spiritually, and get ready for victory."

To listen to the entire episode titled Answered Prayer, click here.

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