Joyce Meyer: If You're Trying to Figure Everything Out, Satan May Be at War With You

1:00PM 2/8/2020

Do you try to find answers to all of life's biggest questions? If so, you could be battling Satan in your mind. God did not mean for us to understand everything, because He's all-powerful and we're not. We need to learn to lean on Him.

"Satan will argue with you," Meyer says. "He likes nothing better than a good mental battle, and he really loves reasoning. Boy, if he can get you just to try to figure stuff out, there goes your peace. There goes your joy. ... We like to think we've got everything all figured out in life, because it makes us feel safe. You know, hanging out with God is a little dangerous because you never know exactly what He's going to do. That's why trusting Him is so important."

Meyer also says going to church on Sunday is not enough to learn how to follow Jesus. We need to meditate on the Word of God in our own private time to fully be able to follow it.

To watch the entire sermon, titled "The Power of Thoughts," click here.

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