Evangelist: If You Laugh at Holy Spirit's Miraculous Actions, 'Zip Your Lip'

9:00AM 2/4/2020

Evangelist Ivan Semenyuk says that when we laugh at or mock things we don't understand that are actually the workings of Holy Spirit, we're quenching and disrespecting Him. We actually need to ask for His forgiveness if we despise His miraculous acts.

"You know how we can quench the Holy Spirit? When we despise the things of the Spirit," Semenyuk says. "The Bible says, 'don't despise prophecy.' It does say 'judge all things,' but it says don't despise it. When you mock the things of God—for example, the manifestations of the Holy Spirit—you don't understand ... for example, people falling ... it doesn't register in your head and you might laugh at it. You're quenching [Holy Spirit], first of all, in your own heart. If you don't understand the moves of the Holy Spirit or it doesn't register in your mind, just zip your lip. ...

"Do you want to see salvations, do you want to see healings, deliverances, miracles? That is the finger of God, which is the Holy Spirit. It's through the Holy Spirit that these things will happen. So maybe at the end, we will ask the Holy Spirit for forgiveness."

To learn more about how to partner with the Holy Spirit to live a more fulfilling life in God, click here for the entire sermon.

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