Steven Furtick: Don't Waste Your Angel

11:00AM 1/25/2020

Pastor Steven Furtick says God sends guardian angels to you to help you when His assignment for you is bigger than humanly possible. God sent an angel to Abraham when He wanted to tell him he's going to have a baby at an old age, which is impossible without God. Why didn't God just let Abraham have a baby when he was 40?

"If you do it at 40, you'll think you did it," Furtick says. "But if God gives you something that you know you shouldn't be able to do ... [don't] waste the assistance of your angel. ... The greater the assignment, the greater the assistance. ... Often God positions you according to a higher priority than your preference, and it's called His purpose. ... The angel can bring you to the place, but it cannot go all-in for you."

There is some legwork we have to do ourselves—God and His angels won't do it all, because there's an element of faith and obedience that has to come from us. Furtick shares the story of the angel in Exodus 23 who went before the people to protect them. But what the angel didn't do is usher the people into the promised land; their attitudes and lack of faith actually kept them from receiving God's promises.

To watch the entire sermon titled "God Will Protect You," click here.

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