Keys to Access the 3rd Realm of Heaven

9:00AM 1/13/2020

Bethel's Beni Johnson says that the first realm is the physical realm, which is what you can see and touch. The second realm is something not everyone can see, but we can feel. The third realm is the "glory" realm, which can only be accessed via worship. This is the realm, she says, from which we should be praying.

"Today when they were worshipping, they were leading us all into that place, that glory realm, that realm where heaven is," Johnson was saying of the worship time the audience had experienced earlier in the day. "You probably all felt it. I know I did. And I always get excited, because there's so much excitement, there's so much joy in heaven. ...

"So we are praying from heaven. We're not praying in the first and second realm. We can get information, but then we worship and we find out what God is doing and what He's saying."

When we're too caught up in the first—or the physical—realm, we can get bogged down by the negativity and hardships of the world, Johnson says. But when we spend more time praying from a place of joy and hope in the third realm, we experience much more peace and clarity.

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