What Does It Mean if You're Dreaming About Predatory Animals?

9:00AM 10/15/2019 Jenny Rose Spaudo

When Shawn Bolz and his ministry team moved to Los Angeles, they all began dreaming about little spiders. Even their children started having similar dreams of hundreds of tiny spiders. But no one knew what it meant.

Soon the spiders moved from dreams to reality. Bolz recounts that team members started having spiders run across their laps while they were resting at home (and there aren't a lot of spiders in California, he says).

The dreams started getting more intense. Tiny spiders were replaced with wolf spiders, which were then replaced with black widows and brown recluses. One team member was bitten by a brown recluse shortly after dreaming about that type of spider.

Bolz says each time he or one of his team members had a dream about spiders, it correlated with some spiritual warfare they were facing in the natural.

"And the dreams would act as [warnings]: 'Hey, prepare yourself, pray, fight, put on the armor of God, do everything you can to stand rightly in your heart and walk with God in this season because the enemy is trying to set something up for you,'" Bolz says.

But Bolz says it isn't an uncommon occurrence for Christians to have prophetic dreams involving harmful animals. So how should we respond?

Bolz says it depends on what kind of animal you're dreaming about:

"You have to evaluate, 'What kind of dream am I having? What is in my dream?' And then you ask God. A lot of spiders are gossip and slander and a lot of these little pressures in life. So spiders for us, in that season, were gossip, slander and financial problems that were eating away at us and causing complications—webs, in our perspective."

But it doesn't end there. Watch the video to learn more.

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