Lance Wallnau: The Prophets Who Prophesy Red Waves Are Delusional

11:00AM 11/7/2018

America ran purple after the midterm elections with the vote was split narrowly down the middle between Republicans and Democrats, and Spirit-filled entrepreneur and conservative commentator Lance Wallnau says he knows why.

There was no blue wave, and there was no red wave, which may have shocked some believers.

"The prophets [who] prophesied red waves are delusional," Wallnau says. "They're listening to cue droppings; they're delirious."

But what about Christian campaigning?

"All of our money that we put into Christians and organizations, please listen to me. Most of the organizations we support are policy paper organizations, they're not politics organizations. They don't know how to get people elected. They know how to write papers and lobby for Christian-evangelical influence. We should learn from this," Wallnau says.

How? Why? Wallnau answers these questions and more in his video.

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