Beyond the Grave: Man Resurrected From Fatal Overdose Gives God the Glory

9:00AM 10/30/2017 Steve Rees

After three attempts by eight doctors to resuscitate him, Jason's hopes looked grim.

Twenty minutes after his fatal overdose on multiple drugs, doctors had lost hope. On a fourth and final try with a defibrillator, they observed Jason's vital signs move from a flat line to peaks.

Still, they said, Jason suffered massive brain damage, permanent blindness and disability during what's called "gray death."

Doctors recommended Jason become a ward of the state of Alabama, suggesting his parents abandon him when they arrived at the hospital.

"You don't know my God," Jason's mother, Mary Lou, told doctors.

Before her flight from Colorado to Alabama, Mary Lou had enlisted prayer warriors from her church, Gateway on Mt. Zion in Golden, to intercede for Jason. His progress was buoyed by prayer support from around the world.

Weeks later and permanently blind, mute and unable to walk without a cane, Jason returned with his parents to Colorado, where he began to see visions of their church on a mountainside—a place he'd never seen until his vision and speech were miraculously restored during a worship service.

Watch Jason give glory to God for the return of his life from the dead, restored vision and speech.

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