WATCH: Demon Screams When It Hears About the Rapture


Do demons comprehend what the rapture is? In a reaction video, commentator Kap Chatfield shared footage of a video where a demon can be heard screaming during a church service after the pastor mentioned the rapture. The pastor in the video simply said the following: “We…need to be at the ready to give everyone an […]

Mike Bickle

IHOPKC Officially Announces Shuttering of Ministries


International House of Prayer Kansas City (IHOPKC) has officially announced via press release the staggered closure of ministries in the wake of the sexual and spiritual abuse scandal involving founder Mike Bickle. While reports the day prior to the press release had originated from emails and audio from IHOPKC sources, the organization has confirmed that

A man holding hands with a woman out of his wife's sight.

News Media Mainstreaming Adultery, Diminishing Marriage


In a recent bewildering article, Fox News, which often prides itself on offering to the right side of the political spectrum faith-based content, has decided to publish an article extolling the virtues that adulterers hold fast to (just not marriage). Fox News did a deep dive into the world of Ashley Madison, a website for

Mark Driscoll and John Lindell

UPDATE: Lindell and Driscoll Reconcile as Sword Swallower Responds


Mark Driscoll and John Lindell have reconciled following controversy at the Stronger Men’s Conference. During the conference, Driscoll called out the spirit of Jezebel for being present due to sword swallower Alex Magala’s performance where he removed his shirt and climbed up a pole. Get your FREE CHARISMA NEWSLETTERS today! Stay up-to-date with current issues,

A man with black eyes.

Reports of Demonic Encounters Skyrocket on Social Media


If you came into contact with someone with a face that looked like a demon and eyes that were completely black as night, what would you do? Encounters of this nature are popping up on social media at the exact same time that the mainstream media is trying really hard to convince all of us

Sanctuary filled with hundreds of men and John Lindell speaking on stage

Morning Rundown: Driscoll, Lindell Megachurch Confrontation Sparks Controversy


Here’s a quick rundown of the top stories on charismanews.com: Driscoll, Lindell Megachurch Confrontation Sparks Controversy I arrived at my radio studio Monday to learn that social media sites were blowing up over the latest controversy involving Pastor Mark Driscoll. He had publicly called out the performance of a sword-swallowing acrobat as demonic without talking


Puberty Blockers Found to Have Potentially Life-Long Fertility Effects


After hearing how puberty blockers could be reversed, a study from the Mayo Clinic has found that this may not be the case. As Fox News first reported, the Mayo Clinic discovered how puberty blockers harmed male children who were studied, ages 17 and younger. Studying more than 130,000 sperm cells from the male children,

IHOPKC building

Reports: IHOPKC to Close Amid Ongoing Bickle Scandal


Recent reports indicate International House of Prayer Kansas City (IHOPKC) will close amid the sexual and spiritual abuse scandal involving founder Mike Bickle. A recording from IHOP University an internal email from IHOPU President Matt Candler refer to the closing, according to The Roys Report. The recording reveals that the ministry is losing hundreds of

Beverly LaHaye

Conservative Activist, Advocate Beverly LaHaye Dies at 94


Conservative evangelical leader, pastor’s wife and author Beverly LaHaye died April 14 at age 94. The wife of the late pastor and author Tim LaHaye, who co-wrote the bestselling “Left Behind” series, she founded conservative political group Concerned Women for America in 1979 as a response to the feminist movement. CWA, which launched at the

Masters Champion Scottie Scheffler

Winning Masters Title Doesn’t Define Scheffler: ‘I Believe in a Creator’


The No. 1 golfer in the world, Scottie Scheffler, says he was at a crossroads just hours ahead of the 2024 Masters tournament. The 27-year-old says being in the lead during the final round of the competition put pressure on him and left him overwhelmed. During a post-tournament press conference, Scheffler told reporters, “I was

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