The Ten Commandments 1

Are the Ten Commandments Returning to Classrooms?

News, U.S.

Is America on the precipice of bringing God back into the fold of society and righting the wrong that was made decades ago? As education in America continues to sputter and fail at actually instructing youth in being productive, moral and upstanding citizens, it now appears that several states are going back to the basics […]


Trail Life USA Is Solving the Crisis Affecting Boys

News, U.S.

The Boy Scouts of America have officially rebranded as “Scouting America,” marking a significant shift as the organization continues its efforts to be more inclusive. This change coincides with the fifth anniversary of welcoming girls into the Cub Scouting and Scouts BSA programs. “Our number one job is to get kids in this program, one

Joe Biden

Biden’s Failed Race Baiting: ‘Black Men are Being Killed in the Street’

News, U.S.

President Biden has been at it again with his colorful commencement speech at Morehouse College in Atlanta. During his speech at Morehouse, a historic African American university, Biden focused on targeting young, African American men with a message of hopelessness and despair. “You started college just as George Floyd was murdered. And there was a

Semi crash

MUST SEE: 18-Wheeler Dangles from Bridge, Driver Credits God

News, U.S.

Newly released dashcam footage of an accident that left a massive semitruck dangling from a bridge earlier this year is going viral—and for good reason. The shocking footage of the Kentucky four-vehicle crash, which unfolded Mar.1, on the Clark Memorial Bridge in Louisville, Kentucky, is absolutely terrifying. The accident allegedly took place after Trevor W.

children drowning Faithwire

Parents Praise God After Daughters Miraculously Saved From Nearly Drowning

News, U.S.

Parents in northernmost Oklahoma are crediting God for miraculously intervening after their two young daughters survived a horrific near-drowning incident. “We do believe God was there,” Jacob McKnight, the little girls’ father, told KWTV-DT. “We believe that there’s a miracle at play.” The McKnights—who have three girls, 4-year-old Callie, 6-year-old Zoey, 1-year-old Eleanor and another on

Perry Stone and JFK

Perry Stone Unveils: Shocking New Mystery Behind JFK Murder

News, U.S.

The assassination of President Kennedy may have more spiritual significance than anyone first thought. In a recent video, Perry Stone unlocked a spiritual mystery revolving around JFK’s death. Recounting details from Pastor Davis, a former missionary in Haiti during Kennedy’s presidency, Stone says it’s quite possible that an occult leader from Haiti placed a curse

Jackson Winger Hinn Matt CM

Mike Winger Says Benny Hinn Is Not a Christian During Interview With Charisma

U.S., News

Christian YouTuber Mike Winger, who is an ordained pastor but not currently shepherding a church, recently spoke with Charisma Media’s John Matarazzo about his four-hour video, titled “The Victims of Benny Hinn: 30 years of Spiritual Deception.” Seventeen days after posting his viral video, Winger shared in a separate video that Hinn was attempting to

Trump and Biden 1

Troy Black Prophetic Word: Why Did God Allow 2020 to Happen?

News, U.S.

Why did God allow 2020 to happen? In a prophetic message, YouTuber Troy Black gave a word about the reason why the Lord decided to allow the chaos that occurred in 2020 to happen. Breaking News. Spirit-Filled Stories. Subscribe to Charisma on YouTube now! “I believe this is timely because we’re coming right up into the 2024

MR Traffic Unsplash

Morning Rundown: Texas Megachurch in Hot Water After Traffic Light Fiasco

News, U.S.

Here’s a quick rundown of the top stories on charismanews.com: Texas Megachurch in Hot Water After Traffic Light Fiasco An unofficial definition of integrity is “doing what is right, even when no one is looking.” The book of Proverbs is filled with wisdom about living a righteous life that is pleasing to the Lord, including

Times Square

Sid Roth Prepares to Light Up Times Square for Jesus

News, U.S.

Amid the violent crime, economic instability and spiritual drought taking place in America, what the country could use some more of is hope. This is why Sid Roth, host of “It’s Supernatural with Sid Roth” is going to do whatever it takes to get the word out about Jesus and his love for Him to

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