Glenn Beck with Jonathan Cahn: Revealing the Shocking Truths About America Today


The warnings are sounding across the modern world that by turning its back to God, much worse is going to move in and take His place.

Shedding light on the state of America today, Rabbi Jonathan Cahn joined Glenn Beck's radio program on Thursday, Apr. 6, and discussed just how the country descended into paganism so quickly and the repercussions of it. Cahn's visit with Glenn Beck was so engaging and explosive, Beck invited Cahn back for a second day's visit on Friday, Apr. 7, presented in the episode "Why America Lost Its Superpower Status" on The Glenn Beck Program on The Blaze.

Beck shared that Cahn addressed the issues that have millions of American living in fear and uncertainty today in Cahn's newest book "The Return of the Gods," presently sitting at #3 on Amazon overall for all books.

"We are witnessing changes in America that are massive, that are irrational, that even people who are not believers are saying, 'What is going on?'"

Cahn reveals that the answer to the questions people have about the state of America is it has fully embraced the same pagan practices that the ancient world once held.

Believing Jesus warned His followers that this can happen not just to men but to nations as well (Matt. 12:43-45), Cahn shares that he believes the return of the spirits that orchestrated paganism in the ancient world have returned and are shaping America into their image.

"What's been happening to America for the last half century or so, and the West, is that what we are witnessing is a repossession. We're witnessing a paganization. The [goal] of the spirits is to turn a Christian nation, or a Judeo-Christian nation, into a pagan one," Cahn says.

"If you look at our society and you think 'How could we have, in eight years, gone from abortion should be rare, legal and safe to shout your abortion?' How can we go from a society that says, 'Hey, love is love, and you should be able to marry whoever you want,' to drag queen shows with our preschoolers? How does this happen? The answer is: evil is real. And it has taken possession of this country," concurred Beck.

This removal of God from society that has been taking place for decades was not simply shutting the door on God and His covenant with America. It was holding the door open and inviting in these other spirits that would rapidly corrupt and fundamentally alter the fabric of American society.

Rebellion against God and His principles brings with it punishment toward that nation, just like what happened to ancient Israel.

"When you look at the original test case, it's Israel. Israel was in covenant with God. And when they turned away form God, it didn't go well. It was not neutral. What happened is these principalities came into the land, they ended up doing exactly what they're doing [in America]. We are replaying that," Cahn warns.

"We're dealing with exactly what happened to ancient Israel. In fact, not only exactly, but the same principalities that came to Israel when they turned away from God, have now come to America" Cahn adds.

As the world enters the victorious Resurrection weekend to celebrate Jesus' victory over sin and death, Beck beseeches all believers to join him in lifting up prayers to the Lord and fasting for deliverance from these evils plaguing the world yet again.

"I'm asking you, as an audience member, to fast and pray for our nation. ...If we don't fast and pray, we won't be able to exercise this [situation]. We have to shake this evil and chase this evil out of our own lives.

"So tomorrow, on Good Friday, I ask you to join me in fasting and praying for our nation," Beck concluded.

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