'Boxes, Biden and Billionaires': The Prophecy that Exposed the Presidency

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With the public revelation of classified documents months after their discovery at the Penn Biden Center and the garage of President Joe Biden, few media outlets are reporting the prophecies that God gave revealing this corruption.

In an interview with Lance Wallnau, acting President of Morningstar Ministries Chris Reed explained how the Lord had given him visions of this taking place before it was ever announced, and backed it up with video and timestamps.

At Morningstar's annual Vision Conference, Reed went over and detailed the prophecy that the Lord had given him regarding the corruption of the Biden family being revealed and titled it "Boxes, Biden and Billionaires."

"Chinese bribery will be exposed, and it will be shocking how much their tentacles have been involved in all the nations, many of the nations of the earth," Reed said in a recorded video at the conference. "Yes, even in American politics, how it helped swing the 2020 election, and it will come to light and will be undeniable.

"I saw boxes being opened. I saw this three times because I've asked the Lord for more than one confirmation," he continued. "I saw boxes being opened, and I saw the words 'smoking gun.' That will prove without a doubt Chinese involvement, Chinese money, involved with Biden's campaign...boxes, boxes, boxes. Remember that. Boxes, boxes, boxes and Biden and billionaires. Boxes, Biden and Billionaires."

This was brought to the public's attention at the Vision Conference on Dec. 29, even though Reed had kept it to himself for sometime before sharing it publicly.

The first documents "discovered" by the presidents' personal attorneys on Nov. 2, 2022 at the Penn Biden Center.

Over a month later, on Dec. 20 2022, Biden's personal counsel informed U.S. attorney John Lausch, who is investigating if a special counsel is needed for the Attorney General, that additional classified documents were "found" in the garage at the president's private residence in Delaware.

None of this was reported to the public until Jan. 9, 2023.

Unless Reed had insider access to the Biden administration, it appears as though the prophecies and visions the Lord revealed to him came to pass, and are still unraveling.

Unlike the raid on former President Donald Trumps residence at Mar-A-Lago, very little has been released in the wake of Biden's own classified document scandal. There were no raids with FBI agents, no staged photos with the documents and no communication from the White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre.

One of the main differences that supporters of Trump have pointed out is that, while nothing has yet come from his storing of documents at his personal residence, the president has the authority to declassify documents.

The vice-president, which Biden was when he came into possession of many of the documents that have been found, does not.

As a special counsel has been appointed by the Attorney General to investigate the classified documents, Robert Hur, who is a Trump appointee, there will be more information about the documents in the forthcoming weeks and months.

The "smoking gun" Reed prophesied that would tie Biden to Chinese bribery and corruption may actually be exposed by this special counsel, as his appointment came with praise from Republican lawmakers such as Maryland Gov. Larry Hogan. Current FBI Director Christopher Wray was a Trump appointee as well, and his departments weaponization has been well documented under the Biden administration.

Coinciding with the vision of boxes the Lord gave him, Reed told Wallnau about a timestamped note he made back in Aug. 18, 2021, about the information that will be revealed regarding the corruption of the Biden administration, it's dealings with the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) and the disastrous failure of America's withdrawal from Afghanistan.

"I had a dream last night on August 17-18," Reed had written in his Apple iNotes, "where I saw Joe Biden in a room with dark windows before the 2020 election. He and his lawyers/representatives were talking to communist Chinese reps. Biden left the room, and it was only Biden's reps talking to Chinese government reps and they said 'communist China will help Biden steal the 2020 U.S. election if he will give the Afghanistan to China in exchange for their help in helping him to steal the 2020 election. It was a quid pro quo. Then I woke up."

While business dealings between the Biden family and accusations of corruption are nothing new to the political sphere, even if the major media outlets refuse to report it or even cover for the president, it would be this type of information that would take the form of the "smoking gun" that Reed previously prophesied.

The Bible warns, repeatedly, that evil schemes and corruption will be exposed by light. America needs prayer more than ever, and Christians must take to fasting and spreading the truth of the gospel for it to have any chance of survival.

Pray that American politicians start living out Ephesians 5:11: "And do not have fellowship with the unfruitful works of darkness; instead, expose them."

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James Lasher is Staff Writer for Charisma Media.

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