New Deadly Drug Crisis Nobody is Doing Anything About

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Fentanyl is pouring across the border and the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) says it is the deadliest drug threat we face today. As America continues to move further from biblical values, the effects are clearly showing throughout the culture. Children are dying from fentanyl on school campuses. Meanwhile, suicide, depression and anxiety rates are higher than ever before.

Authorities say fentanyl often looks like common prescription pills used for anxiety, pain and ADHD but is bought illegally. As teens look to the streets to buy prescription pills to numb their pain or aid in their party lifestyle, the need for the Bible back in schools is evident.

The fentanyl epidemic has not slowed down and now that students are back in school, there is a growing concern at how drug traffickers are targeting teens.

A 15-year-old Los Angeles high schooler reportedly died Tuesday night from a fentanyl overdose on Bernstein High School campus in Hollywood. The Los Angeles Police Department says three other students were also hospitalized for taking the drug.

"Cheaply made, incredibly dangerous, deadly growing threat to our kids and communities, pedaled by distributors who are distributing death," Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti says.

A group of sheriffs and activists from across the nation joined together on Friday to bring awareness to what they are seeing in communities across America. Activist Virginia Krieger's daughter Tiffany died after taking a counterfeit pill made of fentanyl. "It wasn't laced, it was a completely fake pill," Krieger says.

This is the danger facing society today. Teenagers being given a pill from a friend thinking it is a prescription medication to help a common ailment and it is completely fake. Krieger says her daughter was never into doing drugs, but hurt her back one day and someone offered her a pill to help the pain go away.

"Today the greatest risk to our children is this new group being affected," Krieger says. Kids who would have never been addicted to drugs, taking a pill one time at a party with their friends and dying. "This is a whole new demographic and we haven't addressed it at all," Krieger says.

Krieger and other sheriff's are blaming the Biden Administration for doing nothing about it.

The cheaply made fentanyl is now being distributed in rainbow colors to appeal to young children and teens. The DEA says it is a deliberate action by the Mexican drug cartel to fuel an addiction among youth in America.

DEA Administrator Anne Milgram says the Mexican drug cartels are responsible for the majority of the fentanyl being trafficked into the United States.

"These are not overdoses, these are people who have been poisoned, these are murders," Garcetti says.

According to the National Institutes of Health, 154 Americans are dying from fentanyl every single day. Parents nationwide need to warn their children that these fentanyl lased pills are out there and disguised as common prescription pills.

More importantly, the youth of America need Jesus. They are turning to drugs to fill voids and they need to hear that God is the only one who can fill our voids and make us whole again.

Teen fentanyl deaths have also occurred in Alabama, California, Maine, Michigan and Texas, Axios reports. This is a growing national problem that most likely will not be fixed until there are serious efforts to stop the drugs coming through the border.

Shelby Lindsay is an assistant editor for Charisma Media.

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