Without God, Military Readiness Will Continue to Suffer


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War is an unfortunate byproduct of sin in the world. Since creation, there has been fighting and war. God has used armies for His purposes during these conflicts; from the Israelites claiming the promised land to the Allies defeating the Axis powers during World War II.

A functioning military is a necessary deterrent to the evil forces that inhabit this earth. Often people ask how God can allow something, without taking into account that there is a spirit roaming this earth who seeks to steal, kill and destroy (John 10:10) everything he comes in contact with.

In biblical examples of military conflict and American military victories up to World War II, there is the evidence of God's presence on the battlefield. After World War II however, things started changing.

The movement to remove prayer, and thus God, from public schools began well before 1962 when the Supreme Court made that decision official. Satan had been building up influence in the government for years prior to achieve this goal. With God removed from the schools, and soon the government, how could America expect Him to show up with them on the battlefield?

The Korean War, called the 'Forgotten War,' was not the astounding victory many expected from the victors of World War II. It was not a defeat either, but it should have been a wake-up call about what was happening within the heart of America.

God was not kicked out yet, but He was not revered by American leaders, either. Humanism was taking His place.

The Vietnam War, and the brave men who fought and died in it, saw the first war in American history without God on the battlefield. Vietnam was the quagmire of poor decision-making and ineffective leadership at the highest military and civilian levels. Americans still see to this day the effects that it had on the men who fought in that war, the culture who witnessed it and the forgone conclusion to it: America had lost.

Civilizations go through dark periods during their existence. The 1960s and 1970s were that dark spiritual time for American culture. The devil used social events like the hippie movement, the 'sexual revolution' and racial animosity to sow division within the country.

Were there movements of God within? Absolutely, just as there were believers in God within Israel during Ahab's reign, but the leaderships' hearts were not receptive to the Lord.

Over the years America saw a partial restoration, and a government under Ronald Reagan that acknowledged God and revered Him. This change of heart and attitude saw the dissolution of the Soviet Union and the end to the Cold War. America was victorious again, but it would not last.

Fast-forward to the War on Terror, and Americans witnessed a war that dragged on in a situation reminiscent of Vietnam, with the outcome of Korea. That is until an administration, who has shown repeatedly it is anti-God, approved the disastrous withdrawal from Afghanistan that saw a terrorist organization once thought defeated, seated in power.

The current leadership of the U.S. military is not God-fearing. Are there Christians within the military? Yes, and when they speak up against what is transforming the military, they are subsequently removed without delay. This happened to U.S. Space Force Lt. Col. Matthew Lohmeier, who was removed from command for speaking against critical race theory (CRT) being taught at his installation.

These moves to weaken the American military are orchestrated, and accomplishing the goal of Satan: to have a weakened United States that has turned its back on God.

Current military leadership has tried to justify what they are doing in the name of strength, but the evidence says otherwise. If strength was their goal, there would not be the reduction of physical fitness requirements across the military.

At West Point, the premier military academy in the U.S., lectures titled, "Understanding Whiteness and White Rage" are being taught to cadets using materials marked, "White Power at West Point."

People suffering from gender identity issues are being allowed to enlist, and have their 'transition' surgeries paid for with taxpayer money. This does not achieve the mission of maintaining a combat-ready force.

Radical leftists, like Ibram X. Kendi, are having their CRT focused books placed on reading lists by leadership such as the Chief of Naval Operations, Admiral Michael Gilday. For many officers, this is required reading.

All of these course-changing decisions, for the military and federal government, take away time, funding and manpower from maintaining a ready to fight, and properly supplied and funded military.

Despite the negative effects of 'wokeness' and its Marxist roots, there will not, and cannot, be a return to military dominance without God on the battlefield. The Bible illustrates how God won battles for lesser Hebrew forces against mightier, more technologically advanced foes. The Israelites were ready for war, because their hearts were turned toward God.

James Lasher is a Copy Editor for Charisma Media, and a veteran of the United States Air Force and Marine Corps.

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