Liberty Counsel Fights for Transplant Patients Refused Care Because of Vaccine Status

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Patients are being removed from organ donor waiting lists unless they take the COVID shots. Lives are at stake as never before in this battle for personal autonomy and religious freedom. Read on to learn about our latest legal challenges. — Mat Staver

At the beginning of the COVID pandemic, pastors and churchgoers were calling us for help because tyrannical politicians were using COVID as an excuse to deny their right to worship.

Some pastors were arrested and churches were fined for worshipping. Liberty Counsel litigated and freed churches from religious oppression—winning 5-4 and 6-3 decisions at the U.S. Supreme Court.

Then calls flooded our office regarding the shot mandates for students, employees and military members desperate to escape tyrannical demands of "take the jab or else." Liberty Counsel litigated (and continues to do so), and Biden's illegal mandates are falling one by one.

Now our phone lines are heating up with a new type of call for help. Calls are coming from organ transplant patients who are being denied lifesaving operations due to their vaccination status!

Approved organ transplant donors and patients are being removed from organ transplant lists. Those who desperately need organs are left without lifesaving care.

It is outrageous that shot mandates are being used to deprive patients who already are matched for a kidney or other organ ... but some hospitals are refusing to perform transplant surgeries for this reason alone.

Katie* is a 45-year-old woman who developed total kidney failure after a five-way heart bypass. She has been undergoing dialysis three times a week as she awaits a transplant. Katie's younger brother is a perfect match. All that needs to be done now is to schedule the surgery.

But unless Liberty Counsel is successful, Katie will not get the lifesaving operation she needs because the hospital is refusing to perform transplant surgeries on anyone without COVID jabs—even when the organ is coming from a family member or friend. In fact, the hospital is demanding the organ donor be vaccinated too!

Years ago, Katie had another negative medical experience. Two doctors tried to talk her into aborting her unborn son. Thankfully, Katie refused, and her healthy, handsome son now stands as living testimony to God's grace and glory. For that reason alone, Katie will not take any vaccine that utilized aborted fetal cells in any way.

Through her own pregnancy, Katie has proven that abortion was unnecessary. Now she feels that taking a vaccine tested and/or developed using an aborted fetal cell line would be an abomination to the God who saved her and her son.

But the hospital does not care. Katie and her brother have been informed there will be no transplant surgery until and unless they both get the COVID jabs that skipped the 7-10 years of clinical trials the Food and Drug Administration normally requires.

Liberty Counsel is fighting for Katie and all transplant patients like her.

I am astounded that anyone could treat people who are simply fighting to live in such a callous manner. Many times, the staff and I have wept along with the callers who reach out to us pleading for help.

But the grief we have shared with these people has transformed into a deep resolve to fight for them ... and we are beginning to see success.

After what seemed like an excruciatingly long wait, Janie* was approved for a kidney transplant at Vanderbilt University Medical Center in Nashville, Tennessee, last year. She was thrilled to be at the top of the organ donation list, awaiting a kidney that would allow her to live. At the time, Janie was approved for a transplant without having had a COVID jab.

But then Vanderbilt dropped her from the active list because someone in the university's health system decided to change the rules midgame. Janie and all other organ transplant patients were ordered to get the jabs or forfeit their spot on the organ transplant list.

"Help! I am losing time to find a kidney," Janie wrote in her legal help request form. "All of my tissue and bloodwork stopped in a search for a living or deceased kidney donor. Therefore, the whole process that I started in February 2021 was halted!!!"

Janie knew she had little time to find a kidney or a legal solution, and no one seemed willing to help—until she found Liberty Counsel. Our attorneys issued Vanderbilt University a demand letter, informing the hospital that there would be serious consequences for infringing upon Janie's right to reject the jabs because of her faith.

Praise God, after receiving Liberty Counsel's demand letter, Vanderbilt put Janie back on the active transplant list.

There are many more patients like Katie and Janie who desperately need our help so they can receive transplants to survive. We have fielded so many calls from transplant patients that we have had to dedicate staff exclusively to help them fight for their lives.

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