How the Airlines Play Russian Roulette With Your Safety


"A commercial airline pilot is coming forward with stories of vaccine injuries among pilots that raise serious safety concerns. This information comes just days after the release of information by military doctors who said in 2021 there was a 1,000% increase in neurological problems among service members. Read on to learn what is happening in the not-so-friendly skies, and what you and your family should do now." —Mat Staver

Josh Yoder is a commercial airline pilot and founding member of the U.S. Freedom Flyers, which Liberty Counsel is advising in its fight for freedom from mandatory COVID shots.

Yoder helped found Freedom Flyers in Chicago last year after United Airlines announced it would force all personnel, including pilots, to take the experimental jabs or lose their jobs. Other transportation companies soon implemented their own mandates. Freedom Flyers now represents more than 35,000 people from the passenger and cargo transportation industry, including pilots, train conductors and big-rig truckers.

Yoder and his colleagues founded the group to protect their jobs. But as the deadly truth about the COVID shots' side effects began to come to light, USFF's mission became a larger battle to protect passengers and the public.

"They are playing Russian roulette with your safety," Yoder says, referring to airline policies forcing pilots to take the COVID jabs.

Despite heavy censorship by the White House and the media, study after study continues to show that the COVID jabs, which skipped between seven and 10 years of safety testing, are now causing severe injury and death. For instance, military doctors just released information regarding a shocking 1,000% increase in neurological disorders among servicemembers since the shots were rolled out.

And the COVID jab's propensity to create massive blood clots is now well documented. The military doctors reported a 269% increase in data codes for myocardial infarction (heat attacks).

Even the slightest neurological or blood clotting issue, under the constantly changing altitudes and pressurization of flight, can turn into a catastrophe, as it could put at risk not only the pilot but also the crew and passengers.

After taking the jab, one pilot experienced a grand mal seizure while at the controls. Thankfully, a co-pilot was able to take control of the plane and keep it from crashing.

Another pilot, recently jabbed, experienced dizziness as he flew his small aircraft over rural Mississippi farm fields. He attempted to land on a highway, but traffic forced him to head toward a nearby airport before he passed out and crashed. Thankfully, the pilot's quick thinking and low altitude saved his own life and others by averting a crash in a heavily populated area or highway.

Yet another pilot, who had been in perfect health, had a massive heart attack within hours of taking his first dose of the Pfizer shot. He had no idea myocarditis and heart attacks were known side effects. Thankfully, this pilot survived and is recovering. But had he been at the controls that day, the pilot in command and everyone on board his commercial airliner could have crashed and died.

Liberty Counsel continues to advise Freedom Flyers. In the coming days, I will share detailed interviews with some of these pilots, their terrifying experiences and the concerns they have about greater public safety in the air, on the rails and over the road.

What Else Is on the Docket

In addition to our work with Freedom Flyers, Liberty Counsel has multiple vaccine mandate cases before the courts, including a case for health care workers pending before the U.S. Supreme Court.

As you know, I just argued a major case before the Supreme Court that will set national precedent regarding government censorship of religious viewpoints. The court will decide the case no later than the end of June.

This Thursday, I will return to court with my legal team defending military members against Biden's shot mandates. Last week, we won an emergency restraining order on behalf of a lieutenant colonel in the Marines and a captain of a Navy destroyer, both of whom would have been disciplined after their religious exemptions were denied.

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