Former News Host: Christians, 'Be Unafraid' to Fight Cancel Culture

(Courtesy Liz Wheeler)
Liz Wheeler, formerly the host of the highly rated cable TV program Tipping Point with Liz Wheeler on the One America News (OAN) channel, is challenging Christians to "play offense in the culture ways." She calls the "virtual signaling" of the woke religion a "false gospel" that will be exposed for what it really is if enough Christians take a stand for biblical truth and godly wisdom to lead the way back to faith-enriched common sense.

"Cancel culture is a tactic that the radical left disguises as virtuous to silence those who defect from the leftist political ideology. Christians should not mistake that for biblical accountability," Wheeler says. "Claiming to be arbiters of truth, the radical left is trying to condemn you for your behavior when that's not their job. That is not the ideology or the belief system that made our nation great."

Wheeler is a rising star who has a significant following and a platform as an influencer to implore Christians to stop retreating from the culture wars. In the years since her media career began, she has been named one of the Red Alert Politics "30 under 30" conservative stars, and Politico has profiled her as a star in the conservative media landscape alongside Ben Shapiro, Sean Hannity, Laura Ingraham, Mark Levin and Tucker Carlson.

In 2019, her book Tipping Points: How to Topple the Left's House of Cards became a Publishers Weekly national bestseller, and President Trump endorsed her book the same week that it hit bookstores. Yet, even with her past success, Wheeler is just getting started.

She is taking action to lead the way for the next generation of future conservative and Christian change-makers to, as she puts it, "defend against the radical leftist takeover of our culture." She aims to motivate young people to rebuild a society that values God over government, freedom over convenience and individual liberty over victimhood and identity politics.

"As a conservative Christian myself, sometimes it can feel overwhelming when you are facing the anti-Christian culture, whether it's actual anti-Christian propaganda in our public schools, or the complete godlessness of Hollywood and our entertainment system," Wheeler says. "It can feel very demoralizing. You feel like you are isolated and alone, like there are no other people who agree with you."

Wheeler feels called to be a voice for people of faith and for people seeking the truth. As a young woman with a bold voice that is pro-life, pro-Bible, pro-Bill of Rights, pro-prayer and pro-freedom, she recently launched her own new video podcast, The Liz Wheeler Show, to continue to fight for conservative and Christian values. The show is described as "a personal, researched and unapologetic take on how we think about our culture—or what's left of it."

"What we're going to do on the Liz Wheeler show is fight those culture battles. Conservatives and Christians alike crave bold leadership and for someone who is unafraid to speak the truth. I think Christians who listen to my podcast will feel the exact opposite of isolation and realize there are a lot of us. The values that God has given us and that underpin our Declaration of Independence and the Constitution of our country are worth fighting for."

Her move to start a new video podcast adds to the ongoing rise of independent media as a viable alternative to mainstream media, adeptly skirting around the anti-Christian, communist-style censorship of big tech. She is taking her message directly to people across America, uncensored, unvarnished and unafraid, despite the fact that her traditional values and staunch conservative viewpoints have made her a frequent target of left-wing agitators over the past five years.

Wheeler has been demonetized by Facebook, attacked online, ostracized by the cultural elitists and, much to the interest of some culturally hip young people, even blocked by Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez. However, she is not allowing the rejection and intimidation of cultural Marxists, socialist ideologues, "social justice" warriors and woke cancel culture tacticians to stop her—and, as a Christian, she wants this courage to become infectious in the larger Christian community across denominations.

"Be unafraid because God will never forsake you," Wheeler tells Charisma News. "Be courageous. Educate yourself as much as possible. You not only want to know what you believe, but why you believe. And I want my new show to help. The goal of the podcast is not just to another conservative pundit's voice. The purpose of this podcast is to play offense in the culture war."

She says Christians need to take a different approach than the one commonly taken for decades. "We need to realize when we surrender our cultural institutions, the radical left ideology inherent in these institutions becomes the driving force in our popular culture."

"In the past 50, 60 or 70 years, so often conservatives have played defense and sort of defended the one-yard line against the radical left's assault on the cultural institutions that underpin our moral society," Wheeler says. "I'm talking about traditional marriage, the family, the public school system, the university system and our entertainment, whether movies, books and music, and Hollywood celebrities.

"As conservatives we made the errors of surrendering these institutions to the radical left," she adds. "If we surrender these institutions culturally, then we are surrendering the political fight before it has even begun."

Relentless in her pursuit to regain ground as an American citizen who has not traded her common sense for dangerous, hypocritical, left-wing ideology, Wheeler is passionate about telling the truth, rigorous in her research, brazen in her push-back against cancel culture and committed to her faith.

"My faith is who I am. It informs the very basis of my belief in the right to life," Wheeler says. "When I sit back and think about every single one of us created in the image of God, that is so deeply humbling, and it makes me fight these cultural fights. The fight for individual freedom, the fight for the right to live when it comes, for example, to the unborn. It makes these cultural fights so much greater than ourselves."

A.B. Petrucci is a freelance writer.

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