How Globalism, One-World Government Are Preparing the Way for the Antichrist

The United Nations Security Council Votes on a resolution.
The United Nations Security Council Votes on a resolution. (Charisma Media Archives)

The Antichrist is on the move. And the rise of globalism and the one-world government is preparing the way.

So says Charles Crismier, founder of Save America, whose most recent book, Antichrist: How to Identify the Coming Imposter, gives details of the current cultural and political climate and how it relates to the end times.

Crismier says in 1950, John Paul Warburg addressed Congress and declared, "We will have world government whether you want it or not. We'll either have it by you going along with it or by force." And in 1990, President George H.W. Bush declared in a joint session of Congress, "We are now entering the birth pangs of a new global world order." Throughout his presidency, he would repeat those chilling words 200 times, Crismier says.

All this leads up to more recent times. Both President Bill and Hillary Clinton are what Crismier calls "consummate globalists." And during the most recent presidential election, he says, Germany 's Prime Minister Angela Merkel "declared that Donald Trump had totally destroyed and frustrated the new world order."

But what may be the most unsettling news of all is that when President Joe Biden took office, John Kerry, former presidential candidate and Biden's environmental czar, "declared that the election of Joe Biden opened the door to the New World Order," Crismier says. "And as if that were not enough, in addressing the World Economic Forum shortly thereafter, he basically said that this process now toward the new global world order was going to move so quickly that people would not recognize it."

What all this means, he says, is that these "various component parts are setting the final stage for the implementation of the prophesied global government. The prophet Daniel talked about this. We hear about it in Revelation Chapter 13, concerning the infamous mark of the beast."

Not only does Crismier believe the new world order is looming, but he also believes the church is playing a huge role in setting the stage for the Antichrist. "The problem is a combination of a lack of trust and disobedience," he says. "In other words, it's a spirit of rebellion. And the enemy of our souls would play upon those two things. ... That's what the Antichrist will do. He's going to gain the kingdom by flattery.

"Well, that's what our politicians are doing, and that's what our pastors are largely doing—flattering the people, telling them what they want to hear," Crismier says. "The Antichrist is going to come off as the greatest thing since sliced bread; he's going to come in at a time when chaos is reigning supreme in the world. You know, nature abhors a vacuum, and he's going to come in to fill a vacuum that is actually being created intentionally right now through cancel culture. That's one of the ways of creating the vacuum, so that the American people and people around the world will have their cultures canceled, so that they will no longer have any level of patriotism, or, shall we say, allegiance to their own country, to their own government, to their own people that are being prepared to enter into a whole new regime to unite the world in a one-world government using a one-world religion?

Crismier also points out the ties between a patent that Bill Gates and Microsoft took out March 13 of last year for a nanochip to be inserted "for the express purpose of eliminating all cash, eliminating all banks as we know them. And from that moment on, your body will testify of what monies you have available, what you're spending, how you're going to spend it. And it's connected all with a universal economic governing authority called a one-world government, which is what Bill Gates has been working for ... So all of this is coming together at this unbelievable moment of time."

"Let's talk about this cancel culture thing," Crismier adds. "We think of it in terms of affirmative cancel culture. In other words, powers out there are canceling us. The bigger problem is self-canceling. That's what they're really after. It works through fear and intimidation, to force not just Christians but those who believe in their country, who believe in the foundations of our government—you no longer can talk about it, you no longer can express it."

Crismier says this type of cancel culture represents yet one more way the new world order will gain control—by taking away your job, your money, your means of supporting yourself. "That's affirmative canceling. But what they're really after is total intimidation, so that you will self-cancel; you will never again be able to speak the truth, even in love. Or it may be 'off with your head.'"

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