A Prophetic Dream About Post-Election America

In the wee hours of the night (morning) of October 23, 2020, I had a prophetic dream which disturbed me because it depicted law enforcement, the U.S. military and hospitals being used against Americans, while all other prophecies, of which I was aware, depicted Donald J. Trump remaining in the White House for the next four years and all being well in America.

I found it very difficult to muster the courage to share this prophetic dream with you since it went against the flow of others' "prophecies," which unfortunately did not come to pass. I did not want my prophetic dream to be true. But I cannot help what God shows me.

Unfortunately, it has already come to pass since the inauguration—it is continually being fulfilled—and it coincides with previous prophetic dreams I shared with you, the details of which some leftists are now calling for today—the rounding up and encampment of Christians.

I understand one's temptation to prophesy what he believes will certainly come true, such as the continual service of Donald J. Trump for the next four years. I myself wanted to prophesy this, because I, too, was certain he would; but I resisted, because I knew the difference between the voice of God and the desires of my carnal wishes. I do not believe in deceiving the body of Christ by telling them "God said ..." when He did not speak.

Please do not misunderstand; I believe that Donald J. Trump won the election, just as God told me that he would. But God did not tell me that he would serve the next consecutive four years. This still remains to be seen, because the military might be conducting its own investigation, and it can intervene upon concluding its investigation. But this might not be happening. I have my doubts and do not wish to lead the body of Christ into any false hope.

If the October 23, 2020 prophetic dream is an indication, one way or the other, it might reveal that Donald Trump would not be serving the next four years due to the depiction that law enforcement, the U.S. military and hospitals would be used against Americans, and Donald Trump would, I believe, prevent this.

Though I did change the title of the article from "A Prophetic Dream of the End of America" to its current title, nevertheless, God did not give me the title. He gave me the dream. So, what follows are the exact words I shared with you on October 23, 2020:

"Many Christians are wondering and praying about the future of America and what kind of nation she will become. Many are concerned that the upcoming election might have a strong bearing on America's future. On October 23, 2020, I had a dream that pertained to this.

"In my dream, things took a turn for the worse in the United States. I was to conduct a massive evangelistic crusade at a coliseum that was completely filled up. However, prior to this, I found myself among the trees, grass and shrubs, sleeping on the ground. There was a metal collar around my neck enabling my whereabouts to be monitored in real time. I found someone else nearby with whom I had spoken about the situation. I backed away from her and did not tell her my plan. I looked on my cell phone for the nearest hospital.

"My phone showed me the directions to the hospital. I was within walking distance. I merely had to walk a few blocks around the corner and turn right. Then it was further down a few more blocks. I gathered my belongings. My intent was to go to that hospital and report that I am being illegally tracked by subversive individuals. I was certain that hospital staff would be shocked and immediately report this to law enforcement, check out my health and remove the metal collar from my neck.

"When I arrived, I went inside the hospital to the desk to check in. It was a military hospital. I felt safe, initially. I kept looking to see if I was at the inpatient or the outpatient sign in desk. I did not think it mattered. I was certain they would get me to the right location. I kept waiting at the desk while other people who showed up after I did were lining up and being attended to. Finally, the desk closed down without calling on me. But I found another desk across the foyer.

"I went to the other desk and saw the clock on the wall to my right. I had waited for five hours to check in, yet many others in line who arrived after I did were still allowed to check in and be called upon before me. I brought this to the attention of the clerk behind the desk. He told me, 'Leave or I'll call the ATF!' I realized that hospitals were not a safe place. I looked at him directly. I vividly saw his face and demeanor. He had red hair, blue eyes, fair skin and was resolute. I looked at him directly in the eyes and firmly told him, "Call the ATF!" Then I could report to proper authorities the subversive activities I witnessed and experienced.

"I waited for the ATF and looked for them, but they had not arrived. I then began to discern that they were part of the problem, and that they were not going to help me but imprison me. Otherwise, I did not know why the hospital staff would threaten me like this. So, I departed for my own safety. I began to leave the premises of the hospital. I saw several men in various uniforms in different locations as I left the premises. I avoided them. I was trying to get away. I discerned that the entire American system of government, law enforcement, hospitals and military were subverted and had become enemies of the people." Then the dream came to an end.

Let us pray that this is merely a warning of what might become of our nation if we as Christians do not remain good stewards of this great land, getting involved to truly be the salt of the earth, and vote for men and women standing up for constitutional and biblical principles.

James F. Linzey, M.Div., studied church growth under C. Peter Wagner and signs and wonders under John Wimber at Fuller Theological Seminary. He studied advanced leadership formally in the U.S. Air Force and the U.S Army. He is the chief editor of the Modern English Version Bible and is ordained as a Southern Baptist Convention minister.

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