Shawn Bolz Speaks Out on Fulfillment of His 2018 Supreme Court Prophecy and Why 'Voting Is a Prophetic Act'

Amy Coney Barrett is sworn in by Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas as her husband, Jesse Barrett, holds the Bible and President Trump looks on. (Facebook/The White House)

Pastor Shawn Bolz has a multifaceted ministry. He serves as the founding pastor of Expressions58, a family-focused church in Los Angeles, California, and is also a journalist, author and producer, as well as a popular podcast host.

Bolz uses his strong prophetic gift to serve the body of Christ at large. Although he says he's still maturing as a prophet, he shared a prophecy with Charisma News in July of 2018 that seemed unlikely to be fulfilled. At that time, he wrote, "I felt three years ago that God had three new Supreme Court justices in the next (now current) administration of presidency to pick. Brett Kavanaugh would now be his second appointment. ... I believe Kavanaugh to be one of these potential appointments." And of course, after much strife and resistance from the Left, Kavanaugh was confirmed a short time later.

But the final part of Bolz's prophecy has special significance for today. "I also want to prophetically state that there will be another choice coming," he wrote in 2018. "God has a third Supreme Court justice to be put into place within the next four years, and I believe this will be even as important, or possibly more so, than what we are looking at right now."

As Bolz looks back on that prophecy, he says, "That was a big challenge at that time, because there were all kinds of rumors and reports that had come up against Kavanaugh. And there were very, very divided political parties about that.

"And then I prophesied God's going to bring in a third Supreme Court justice, who will be in place over the next four years," he says. "I believed it would still be within the first administration of Trump, but I wasn't sure. And I knew this would be important, possibly more than what Kavanaugh would be at that time, which is what I prophesied on Charisma."

And despite the issues facing the United States today, Bolz points far beyond the recent nomination and confirmation of Supreme Court Justice Amy Coney Barret when he considers the impact of this prophecy. "This has to do with our children's children," he says. "This has to do with the state of America, that there have to be people in place to help us draw the line of nuclear family, and values that are based on integrity, morality and holding the line, so to speak."

Like other prophets and Christian leaders such as Rabbi Jonathan Cahn and Dr. R.T. Kendall, Bolz believes the U.S. has deviated from God's desires for our nation as "a hope center, to bring hope to the world," he says. "And I feel like God is bringing some correction. And when He does that, it's not punishment. He's not reviewing us. But He's bringing course correction to America right now. And I think that's why everyone is so volatile, and everything is so intense.

"There's a purpose on America that hasn't been served yet," Bolz says. "And there are a lot of prophecies that are out there from different camps—America's about to go into a downfall, like the fall of the Roman Empire type thing. But I feel like the exact opposite: that we're about to come into the reason why God thought of us and believed for us in the first place. ... we're like a rebellious teenage daughter, and the Father from heaven is looking at us and saying, 'I have to put up boundaries, but you're still Mine; I'm going to use you."

"And I think that this is confusing for a lot of Christians because we are so partisan in our politics that we can't see what God's doing. (That's) because we're not a citizen of heaven before we're a citizen of America," Bolz says. "And so I think it's really incredible that in Trump's term, that there are several people who prophesied—I was one of them—that there would be three support Supreme Court justices, and that this is for the legacy of our future generation."

What this means, Bolz says, is that people must vote: "If you're an American, in our country, voting is a prophetic act. It's how you align your faith with being a citizen of your country, even if you're a heavenly citizen first. You are making a statement. And you're literally casting a vote for the vision that of the country that you want to live in.

"And I just think that God wants us to use our voice and use our prayers, and that He has something to say and do to our governments on the earth right now," Bolz says. "And don't be afraid of it. Jesus is still on the throne. If Trump wins, Jesus is still on the throne; His government never decreases, according to Isaiah 9.

"So I'm so encouraged, and I'm so in hope, no matter what happens in this election or whatever country you're listening from," he adds. "Because our Jesus is going to still grow through us into His full purpose of inheriting everything that He has promised. I'm very excited about who He is in our generation, just the position and opportunity we have."

To hear more from Shawn Bolz about the fulfillment of his Supreme Court prophecy as well as the nature of true prophecy and the future of America itself, listen to the entire episode of The Strang Report here. And be sure to share with your family and friends so we can mobilize more people to vote in this critical presidential election.

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