This Ministry Offers Hope and Help for America's Downward Spiral Into Poverty, Racism

Dr. Leroy Thompson (Courtesy)
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The leadership of the Black Lives Matter movement has stated they're committed Marxists. But they have a major problem. If they don't understand German and can't read historical European documents, they're rowing with only one oar in the water.

What's more, our government is pouring hundreds of millions and now billions of dollars to fight racism and poverty when we already have the solution.

Black Lives Matter Brain Trust

In the psycho-screaming world of the obscene political discourse of the Black Lives Matter followers, the major financial donors should know Marx and Engel (both white) viewed themselves as 100% naturally racially superior:

They racialized skin-color groups, ethnicities, nations and social classes, while endowing them with innate superior and inferior character traits. They regarded race as part of humanity's natural conditions, upon which the production system rested. 'Races' endowed with superior qualities would boost economic development and productivity, while the less endowed ones would hold humanity back (Erik van Ree, "Marx and Engels's theory of history: making sense of the race factor," Journal of Political Ideologies, Dec. 4, 2018).

That's historically unarguable, along with the fact that communism is responsible for killing more than 100 million people since Karl Marx first handed out his broadsheets in front of Gürzenich Hall in Köln, Germany in 1848.

It's time for Black Lives Matter and its corporate donors to admit that Marx and Engel did nothing to stop slavery—anywhere.

The true answer to end poverty and racism is 100% effective and far better than anything Black Lives Matter, Mark Cuban or the screaming, murderous left can come up with.

The solution begins here.

'When the Saints Come Marchin' In'

Better than Black Lives Matter or any initiatives from Apple, Amazon, Microsoft, Google, Facebook, Walmart or any others, this man and his ministry have the knowledge, wisdom, integrity and proven results to pull our nation out of its downward spiral.

Their teachings and videos should be a part of every individual, family and school. The solution is here and now—at no cost.

Dr. Leroy Thompson, chairman of Ever Increasing Word Ministries in Darrow, Louisiana, has proven answers to the current problems the U.S. is facing.

In a remote part of Louisiana along the lazy Mississippi River, sitting quietly in a wooden chair on the dirt in the sweltering heat with his Bible, Thompson was too poor to afford a deck, indoor plumbing, running water or even a toilet. Isolated and far from any city, he had no chance of any coincidental meetings with someone economically better off to offer him a job and help pull him out of poverty.

As a result, Thompson kept the faith and drew near to the Lord. He then began to receive valuable revelation that "money cometh," that wealth, income and resources are unlimited, originating from heaven in the gospel as part of salvation. This revelation destroys the conventional early Renaissance monastery thinking that has crippled the church for centuries, holding it and the world in fear, ignorance and poverty.

Now no one must go through the struggles, hardship, toil and trials Thompson had to endure. Everyone across America can reap the benefits of what he has now learned. He has owned four jets and a large home in addition to the blessings of a faithful marriage to a beautiful wife and loyal, beautiful children and grandchildren who are all responsible and following in his footsteps.

Thompson moves in the apostolic and makes no alignment or identity with the so-called Black church, but only with the lordship of Jesus Christ. The man and his ministry are free of scandal, known and approved by other major ministries around the world.

There are no con games. No "give-to-me-to-be-blessed" appeals. No hyped offerings. No mail-out requests. No TV begging. No one can accuse him of greed or love of money in any form. Zero. Zip. Nada.

The Cure for Generational Poverty

According to Thompson, one of the biggest secrets to acquiring and keeping wealth without struggle is the healing of the soul. Thompson discovered that wounded souls are what blocks wealth, money, homes and other blessings from individuals' lives.

And it's easy to fix. Free of cost. Now.

America has tried to solve its problems apart from God. Thompson points out that generational poverty does not come from "the man," "the system," skin color, race, slavery, the country, one's education, lack of opportunity or anything else. The solution to prosperity resides within every individual, no matter what their situation.

Thompson flies to a number of churches every year. He's not trying to get money from them but to get money to them. He visits some of the poorest churches in the country, ones that can't even afford the fuel for his trip. Few people realize Thompson often brings money, tens of thousands of dollars, to the churches where he speaks and empowers them with the gospel message, all at his own expense. And he's been doing it for decades, blessing churches and ministries financially wherever he goes. He started giving when he was dirt-poor and never stopped.

His money comes from his relationship with Jesus Christ, from the Bible, from the very salvation that is available to anyone else. The truth is, the impartation in Thompson's message can affect your life in a greater and faster way than any education, job or personal effort. The impartation is the breakthrough.

Thompson and the Word of Life Christian Center support Mercy Ships, Jewish Voice Ministries International, Christ for All Nations and Samaritan's Purse, among others. You can find him at the Ever Increasing Word Ministries website or on Facebook.

YouTube is the best source for Thompson's free videos. Just scroll through the singing, straight to his speaking. Here are four links to get you started:

The Answer to Racism - Dr. Leroy Thompson

"The marching that has been done for hundreds of years, thank God for all those men and women that some gave their life for it, but it still isn't the answer. Until a man individually of any race or any color rises up inside himself to know who he is, it's not going to avail. ... I walk free in the revelation of who I am in Christ."

Unlocking and Unblocking your Soul for Prosperity - Dr. Leroy Thompson

The Grip the Soul Has on Prosperity - Dr. Leroy Thompson

The Bank of Glory - Dr. Leroy Thompson

Will you face the future with faith or fear? Watch and listen to Thompson's teaching and prepare to experience the impartation—and the breakthrough.

Steven V. Selthoffer is an American communications executive living in Europe.

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