Police Offer Strong Halloween Warning After Finding Candy Laced With Drugs

Nerds Ropes laced with THC (Facebook/Johnstown Police Department)

Police are warning parents to be extra vigilant this Halloween after they discovered candy laced with THC in Pennsylvania.

The Johnstown Police Department issued a warning on Facebook, saying they found Nerds Ropes edibles that were laced with 400 mg of THC. THC is a chemical component in cannabis (marijuana) that gives the user the feeling of being high.

"During this Halloween, we urge parents to be ever vigilant in checking their children's candy before allowing them to consume those treats," the police department wrote. "Drug laced edibles are package like regular candy and may be hard to distinguish from the real candy."

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As of this writing, the Facebook post has been shared hundreds of times.

Johnstown Police reported they arrested 27-year-old Andrew Colvin in connection with the drug find. Colvin allegedly had in his possession 60 pounds of marijuana. Police also found a storage unit Colvin rented and, in it, a host of other drugs, including what appears to be cocaine, crystal meth, unknown white pills and 394 of the aforementioned Nerd Ropes.

Gary Dull, executive director of the Pennsylvania Pastors Network, warns about the physical, social and even spiritual dangers of using marijuana:

"Studies reveal that even casual marijuana use has detrimental effects on the brain, to the point that it can lead to mental illness," Dull says. "This was the finding of a study conducted by the Journal of Neuroscience that should be seriously considered. Frequently, children are even hospitalized due to using marijuana accidentally, which indicates that such exposure has health risks that can be very detrimental.

"... Various studies have shown that students who used marijuana regularly are less likely to finish high school and go on to higher education than those who do not use the drug," he said. "This results in future generations that may be less educated and unequipped to teach and lead their families to a more educated and higher-quality lifestyle. Less education and a lower-quality lifestyle contribute to many negative elements in society.

"... In the Bible," he said, "the word used for the administering of drugs is the Greek word pharmakeia, which in some passages is translated to 'witchcraft' (Gal. 5:20) and 'sorceries' (Rev. 9:21). Thus, the Word of God makes a clear connection between drugs and the occult, implying that the unwise use of certain recreational drugs can lead to having the minds of the users open to wickedness and demonic activity. And that always guarantees a negative effect upon drug users as well as society in general."

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