'YouTube Is Fighting God': Christian News Source Banned From Video Platform

TruNews was notified Monday morning by YouTube's cybercensors that the Christian news service was permanently banned from posting content on the social media site.
TruNews was notified Monday morning by YouTube's cybercensors that the Christian news service was permanently banned from posting content on the social media site. (TruNews/Facebook)

TruNews was notified Monday morning by YouTube's cybercensors that the Christian news service was permanently banned from posting content on the social media site. The social media tech giant terminated TruNews' account.

YouTube slapped TruNews with "three strikes" based on newscasts recorded and posted online more than four years ago. One of the TruNews episodes that also offended YouTube's censors was Rick Wiles' 2017 movie review of The Promise: The Truth About the Armenian Genocide.

TruNews founder and anchorman Wiles blasted YouTube's censors as the "new Nazi tech tyrants."

Wiles was incredulous that YouTube cited two newscasts from 2014 and one newscast from early 2017 as offensive.

"YouTube's cyberbullies are so desperate to silence Christians and conservatives that they are rummaging through years of media content, searching for anything that offends their precious little snowflake minds," he lamented.

"America's leftist snowflakes are furious that half the country no longer listens to their idiotic Marxist propaganda. My ancestors were German Reformed Church members who fled religious persecution in Europe in the 1700s and risked everything to come to America so they could freely worship God. There's freedom running through my veins. My ancestors were not silenced, and I won't be silenced by YouTube's New Nazis. Every generation has its tyrants. We have tech tyrants," stated Mr. Wiles.

Wiles fears America is on the verge of a French Revolution-style upheaval during which leftist mobs will try to execute Christians and conservatives to purge "Old America" speech and thoughts from our society.

"France is an atheistic, socialist nation today because it never recovered from the French Revolution that started in 1789. The Jacobins decapitated Catholic priests and burned churches over a period of 10 years. Likewise, the communists who overthrew Russia in 1917 slaughtered 300,000 Russian Orthodox Church priests. Don't tell me it can't happen here," Wiles said.

"Mao Zedong would be proud of the Marxist cultural revolution sweeping America and erasing our heritage," Wiles said. "It must be stopped, or we will be swept into a communist nightmare that could take 70 years to escape."

According to Wiles, the current climate of censorship against free speech is not a surprise. He saw it coming years ago and began preparing for it. He is the pastor of Flowing Streams Church in Vero Beach, Florida. The church's mission is to use digital technology and communications to spread the gospel around the world.

Wiles said the Holy Spirit told him in prayer in 2005 that he would be given a "witty invention" that would revolutionize Christian media. He earnestly sought it for years. The next big clue came to him during prayer in February 2007. He said God gave him a vision of a beautiful church worship service held in an underground sanctuary. There was a healing stream flowing through the underground church. The next day, the Lord told him to call it "Flowing Streams."

During a fast three years later, Pastor Wiles said the Holy Spirit revealed to him that the vision's stream flowing through the underground church was internet streaming, carrying the gospel to the underground church around the world.

"The Lord also told me during that fast in January 2010 that it will soon become very dangerous and difficult to travel the world as a Christian pastor or missionary," he said.

Wiles went to work and invented Prazor, the world's first Christian OTT service. It will include 24/7 linear Christian television networks, video-on-demand, audio podcasts and nearly 100 streams of Christian music.

"Prazor will be launched this summer. It is God's 'parting the Red Sea' miracle for Christian churches worldwide to escape the censorship of the New Nazi Tech Tyrants," said Pastor Wiles.

Now that YouTube has permanently banned TruNews, Pastor Wiles thinks it is only a matter of time until his newscast is banned by Facebook and Twitter too.

He said his church will not sue YouTube or take any actions against them.

"It is their platform. I believe in free enterprise, free speech and freedom of association. Google owns YouTube. It is their right to choose whom they want to be seen and heard on their platform. They have very anti-Christian content on their platform, but that doesn't bother them. I took advantage of their free bandwidth to spread the gospel. They are now shutting down men and women who are preaching an uncompromised message. YouTube is fighting God. Their arms aren't long enough to win that fight," said Pastor Wiles.

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