Report: Unusual Miracles Mark 'West Coast Rumble' Revival in Seattle

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Charlie Shamp prays over a woman March 3 at the Seattle Revival Center. The man in back of her is known as a "catcher" in case she falls to the ground.
Charlie Shamp prays over a woman March 3 at the Seattle Revival Center. The man in back of her is known as a "catcher" in case she falls to the ground. (Photo courtesy of Julia Duin)

Chelsie Carbonell, 36, an artist from Bonney Lake, Wash., attended a session a few weeks ago, just as visiting evangelist Munday Martin, 38, of Nashville, Tenn., announced that someone who'd been in multiple car accidents would be healed.

Carbonnell had been in a series of accidents in the 1990s and felt she was out of alignment.

She went forward and Martin told her to sit down, as he wanted to pray for her legs to be the same length.

"I don't think the problem is my legs," Carbonell told him.

"Will you let a crazy evangelist try?" Martin asked her.

"My left leg grew out right then," Carbonell said later. "I felt it. It was a strange, quick sensation. It took me four days to walk normally but now I've been able to jog for the first time in years."

The congregation has no doctor-verified healings, although on March 11, it posted on its Facebook page a PET scan of what appeared to be a person's spine and identified as "before and after photos of Stage 4 cancer."

"I want to assemble a team to pursue these people," Stott said. "Once we get X-rays, that kind of stuff, I will take that and publicize that on bulletin boards in Seattle. I've seen so many people from our immediate congregation healed. That has boosted my faith."

In San Diego, Nelson wrote, "glaucoma healed, metal plates and pins that had been surgically inserted into people's bodies have dissolved, deaf ears are hearing, deformities from birth are being healed, and many are getting saved, reconciled to God, and filled with the Holy Ghost." He did not respond to requests for an interview.

Shamp, who eventually left Seattle Revival Center to fulfill other speaking engagements, said he's seeing similar meetings around the country.

"I just got back from Columbus, Miss., and it exploded there as well," he said.

Shamp said he was inspired by members of a 1980s movement known as the Kansas City Prophets, a loose network of Christian leaders who considered themselves apostles and prophets to the church. He called one of those leaders, Paul Cain, a week before going to Seattle in February, to ask for prayer.

"He said, 'The angel of the Lord is going to be connected with you now,'" Shamp recalled. "'You will not leave Seattle until the angel tells you to go.'"

Shamp, Nelson and other revivalist leaders are part of an informal network of two dozen Pentecostal and charismatic ministers, mostly under age 40, who like to push the envelope on spiritual healing.

They've integrated controversial parts of past U.S. revivals: reports of feathers mysteriously floating through the air during services, gold fillings appearing in the mouths of attendees, hands covered with oil or gold dust and people being overcome with fits of so-called holy laughter.

Holly Pivec, who co-authored a 2014 book with Biola University philosophy professor Doug Geivett on the movement, said these revivalists are part of the New Apostolic Reformation within the wider charismatic movement.

"They share a common belief that the church is to be governed by apostles and prophets," she said. Churches come voluntarily under an apostle and pastors are supposed to submit to them. "Spiritual covering" is what they call it, and if they are not under this covering, they are outside of God's blessing.

"Whole generations of young people have grown up under these NAR teachings. It's the only version of Christianity they've ever known. Some 3 million people in the United States attend churches that embrace these teachings."

Stott, whose church broke with the Assemblies of God a year ago, has been sending members out into nearby neighborhoods to do street evangelism.

He told his congregation April 6: "We are about to enter a zone where no man has ever gone before. The Lord spoke to me and said, 'I'm going to freak you right out with the things that I'm going to be doing because you're going to have no grid for it. ... The Lord's about to take us on some roads that don't exist on human maps."

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