Southwest Airlines Funds Radical 'Gay Task Force' Conference

Southwest Airlines gay ad
Southwest Airlines took out a full-page ad in the 'Creating Change' program with an accompanying letter.

Americans for Truth About Homosexuality (AFTAH) is exposing the radical corporate giving priorities of Southwest Airlines, including Southwest's role as a major funder of the annual homosexual activist "Creating Change" conference put on by the National Gay and Lesbian Task Force.

Creating Change, which began Thursday in Houston, promotes the "homosexualization" of Christianity; extreme transgender activism, including laws allowing transgender "girls" and "women" (read: boys/men in dresses) to use female restrooms; pro-homosexual/transgender programs in schools (even for very young students); and sadomasochism.

Creating Change is the organizing event for more than 3,000 lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender activists across the nation, with "how to" workshops on: 

  • Redefining Christianity with pro-homosexual messaging. One Creating Change workshop, "Catholic Teaching and LGBT Justice: Good in Bed Together? God's Truth!" is described as follows: "Use solid Catholic teaching, tradition and practice when advocating for the equality of same-sex love? Yes ... We will work interactively from your wisdom and lived experience and join it with the best of Catholic sexual ethics to craft a message that speaks powerfully to people in the 'malleable middle.' This is subversive work!" 
  • Advancing the radical transgender agenda, including winning government (Obamacare) insurance coverage for body-disfiguring sex-reassignment surgeries and hormone therapies.
  • Promoting extreme agendas under the guise of sexual freedom. As the euphemism for the radical, "anything goes" fringe of liberal sex politics, "sexual freedom" includes advocacy for prostitution ("sex workers"); "polyamory" (multiple-partner sexual relationships); "kinky sex" (sadomasochism); pornography; sexual "swingers"; and opposing obscenity laws and public decency efforts, such as banning strip clubs in neighborhoods. 
  • Defending abortion-on-demand, under the euphemism of "reproductive justice."

Southwest Airlines took out a full-page ad in the Creating Change program with an accompanying letter (see pages 22-23) from Communications VP Linda Rutherford, who wrote, "Southwest Airlines is proud to support organizations like the National Gay and Lesbian Task Force."

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AFTAH President Peter LaBarbera says, "The National Gay and Lesbian Task Force leads the hard left of the homosexual/transgender movement. It even gives out an annual award to its favorite self-identified sadomasochist ('Leather Leadership Award'). Corporations like Southwest [Airlines] are giving more money than ever to LGBT organizations, but I doubt that they want their consumers to know about the extreme nature of the immoral agendas they are underwriting.

"Creating Change is heavily dedicated to 'queering' Christianity, as their workshops put it," LaBarbera says. "In other words, Southwest [Airlines] is subsidizing a conference that instructs LGBT activists on how to mislead believers and undermine the clear tenets of Scripture that proscribe homosexual behavior as sinful." 

To take action, contact Southwest Airlines through their online contact page or call Customer Relations at 214-932-0333 (press 1).

Other corporate/organizational funders of Creating Change include Hilton Worldwide, Planned Parenthood, Office Depot, Wells Fargo, Quaker Oats (PepsiCo), Comcast/NBC Universal and AARP.

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