Graffiti Detroit
'The Dream is Now' graffiti is seen painted on the roof of a vacant blighted home in a once-vibrant neighborhood, near downtown Detroit, Mich., July 19, 2013. (Rebecca Cook/Reuters)

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Detroit now has the infamous title of being the largest city in America to declare bankruptcy. The city is $19 billion in debt, has about 70,000 vacant buildings in it, has billions of dollars in unfunded pensions and health care, and holds the longest wait in the nation for police response at 58 minutes.

Leading to this dismal situation have been years of bad policies led by the Democratic Party’s failed philosophy of big government and union largess.

“The sad situation of Detroit’s bankruptcy should be a wake-up call to the American people that this same thing will happen to the United States if we do not change our policies and live within our means,” says Mat Staver, chairman of Liberty Counsel Action. “While Detroit’s bankruptcy has been the result of failed Democratic policies of big government, America’s problem is bipartisan. Both political parties are to blame.

“President Bush did not govern within the principles of limited government. He created the Department of Homeland Security and unnecessarily expanded government. President Obama governs like a socialist. His policies are destroying America.”

Staver is calling for government accountability to its citizens and for leaders to make sure the rest of the country doesn’t suffer Detroit’s fate.

“The American people must hold their elected officials accountable,” he says. “They must be weaned from the government trough. Our leaders must make bold decisions and cut the size of the federal government before America ends up like Detroit.”

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