Jacobs: ‘We Are Seeing Great Revival’

Judy Jacobs
Judy Jacobs (Shawn Akers/Charisma News)

Judy Jacobs and her husband, Jamie Tuttle, co-pastor Dwelling Place Church International, an interdenominational church, in Cleveland, Tenn. Jacobs is also a recording artist and an author and has been involved with many powerful ministries including T.D. Jakes' The Potter's House, Benny Hinn Crusades, Dominion Camp Meetings with Rod Parsley and Trinity Broadcasting Network.

Charisma News: We just listened to you sing your song Statement of Faith in the Defense of Marriage Summit. It was most appropriate for this event, wasn’t it?

Jacobs: In a day that we’re living in right now, it is very important for us to understand what the basics are. The Word of God is our final authority. There are some things that will never change. That’s what this song talks about. Jesus is the Holy Son of God. He died and rose again. He’s coming back again. There are absolutes that cannot be denied. There are absolutes from the Word of God, from we as a people, as human beings that God pre-ordained even before the beginning of the earth. It is a very biblically sound song. I think it’s ringing true for where we are right now with this nation.

Charisma News: The song, and your beautiful voice, seemed to have the audience mesmerized.

Jacobs: I think people are really crying out because, for so long, our voices have been numbed and quieted. I think people really want to speak out loud and broadcast boldly and courageously who we are. They are understanding and realizing that, if I don’t, this could affect my children and my grandchildren. I’m feeling very strongly in what I’m seeing, where I’m going and what I’m hearing and what we’re hearing across the nations is that people are standing up and speaking very clearly and very loudly as to what the truth is. The Bible says the truth will set you free. That’s what I think needs to be proclaimed today.

Charisma News: What did you think about the Defense of Marriage Summit?

Jacobs: It was very powerful. I would love to see this continue on right up until the night of the election. As a body of Christ, our church that we pastor—and my husband is a firm believer of this as a marriage and family counselor—what we’re saying together, we need to say it out loud and we need to say it as one voice.

What Bishop Harry Jackson is doing with his team is putting those voices together and bringing these men and women of God together and saying it out loud that marriage is between one man and one woman. It is a holy thing; it is a sacred thing. What Dr. Alveda King said was powerful in that there are monsters out there that are trying to devour us. We have to fight our way against racism. We’ve got to fight our way against abortion and all of these things that are trying to destroy the very foundation and the fabric of who we are not only as a nation, but as human beings as well.

Charisma News: Why do you think the issue of same-sex marriage has taken center stage in America?

Jacobs: I really believe that what we’re seeing is what I have referred to as insult to injury. The devil is so angry. He is putting an all-out attack upon anything that is solid and anything that is hopeful and dedicated to God and consecrated to God. His spirit is aroused because he knows he is doomed. He knows his time is short. When the end of the world comes, he knows he is going to be spending eternity in a place where he knows he is doomed. There is a fierceness that is being unleashed in the earth. That is what we’re seeing come to pass. We’re seeing 2 Timothy, Matthew 24 and Luke 28 come to pass. All of these things that Jesus said would come to pass are right now.

I believe Bishop Mark Chrionna said it best. We have to stand strong and be strong and stand therefore. We do that through prayer, we do that through fasting, we do that with something as simple as casting your vote and going out on that election night making your voice very loud and very clear. When you vote, I believe you are going to be voting for your children and your grandchildren, and for what this country will look like for the next few years before Jesus comes if he should tarry.

Charisma News: So, as Christians, you’re saying it’s time for us to wake up?

Jacobs: Absolutely. I always say that your voice represents your authority. I think that right now is the time when believers need to stand up and take their authority in Christ and say, no more. The church slept in the 1960s, the church slept when Bibles were taken out, it was passive when prayer was taken out of schools, it was passive when Roe v. Wade was passed. A lot of things got past the church. I am convinced that this is not going to get past the church. I feel very strongly about that.

Charisma News: Do you believe God’s people are starting to put their words into action?

Jacobs: I do. The coming of the Lord is drawing closer and closer, the Bible says where sin abounds, grace doth much more abound. I believe that God is granting favor and grace. I was just in Columbia, South America, where a man was just raised from the dead. We are seeing miracles, signs and wonders. The reason the church grew so rapidly after Jesus left was because of miracles, signs and wonders. I believe those things are happening again. We are seeing great revival in this day and hour that we are living in. The church is rapidly multiplying, and it’s an exciting time to be alive.

Charisma News: Do you have any new projects that you are working on right now?

Jacobs: We are pursuing a new book with Charisma House called You are Anointed for This, I am Anointed for This. It is a working title. We’re looking at it between now and February 2013. I am very excited about that. Jesus stood up in front of a crowd in the temple and He said, "The Spirit of God is upon me; the Lord hath anointed me."

I believe that we are living in a time now, where as the men and women of this accord, they knew these times and they knew what to do. I believe the Spirit of God is going to raise up mighty men and women of God with a powerful anointing that know the times and they know what to do. It’s one thing to know the times, but it’s another to know what to do. I believe through the power of the Holy Spirit God is going to reveal to utterly what we need to do and be prepared with what God strategically has called us to do in these last days.

Charisma News: Any musical projects on the horizon?

Jacobs: My latest project is called I Feel a Change. It’s been released now for almost two years. We’ve seen God do some great things with it. There are some songs on there like, We Agree that talks of the famine being over. There is another powerful song that’s called "Rain Dance," it talks about the rain that’s going to fall on our nation. It’s beautiful worship. I listened to this CD, and if I listened to this CD, it’s good. I’m very excited and I encourage people to go to our website at JudyJacobs.com. We have a great church in Cleveland, Tenn., called Dwelling Place Church International and catch some webcasts.

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