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Church planting is hard! A recent Forbes Magazine article listed leaders of nonprofits as one of the hardest jobs in America. But, for the brave ones who pursue God's call and vision for their lives, the rewards are amazing. People saved. Lives transformed. The Gospel going to all the nations. 

There are few roles in life that can have such an impact both now and in eternity. We've found that what every Pastor and Ministry Leader needs two things: 

1. Support from a team of friends and family, and 

2. A plan on how to lead their ministry successfully. 

With the changing tides of ministry requirements, more and more Pastors are finding it refreshing to be empowered through proven, easy to follow plans to help them protect what God has called them to lead. 

That is the goal of the latest ebook trilogy from StartCHURCH. This trilogy empowers Pastors in the 3 most challenging areas for most church planters: raising money, building a team, and having a solid legal foundation. 

This ebook series, written from a Pastoral perspective, will show you how to raise the finances you need, grow the team you need and develop the legal structure you need. The cost of getting these 3 things wrong is too high, but the reward is lasting fruit. 

This powerful set of ebooks is our FREE GIFT for readers of Charisma. Download the ebooks at

Get Free BooksStartCHURCH has helped 1000s of churches and ministries protect what God has given them to lead. Ready to equip yourself with this brand new, free resource? 


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