A crisis is brewing: With 68 percent of churchgoing men struggling with pornography on a regular basis, and 56 percent of divorces citing porn use as a contributing factor, it's time to get serious about dealing with this problem.  

Pornography is breaking marriages apart, leading men into unrealistic fantasy and leaving their wives feeling hurt, betrayed and as though "there must be something wrong with me."

Thankfully, over 450,000 men are in training to conquer porn and walk in freedom with the Conquer Series, a six-disc cinematic DVD series designed specifically for men that uses war analogies to help them understand the battle they're facing.

Marine Fighter Pilot and Pastor Dr. Ted Roberts is the host of the Conquer Series and has helped thousands of men conquer porn and walk in freedom. Dr. Roberts discusses why so many people in the church can't stop viewing porn. Churches often treat this issue as a moral one, but fail to recognize it's mainly a brain problem. "We tell men to try harder, pray harder, love Jesus more." Dr. Roberts says, "but what starts off as a moral problem quickly becomes a brain problem. Telling a man to try harder is only tightening the 'noose' of bondage."

The Conquer Series teaches men what is going on in the brain when they view porn, while giving them biblical tools and proven strategies to win the battle.

Pastor Randy Burt has just led 50 men through their first run of the Conquer Series and says, "This series is by far and away the greatest 'Tool to Conquer' that I have ever found."

Take your first step toward freedom and order the Conquer Series today!

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